Increase HUB buzz and engagement?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Pork Chop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Pork Chop

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    All my bikes to date have had the DT SWISS 240s (non-boost) with upgraded 36T star ratchet. Love the sound - love the angry bees.

    I recently picked up the 2018 Trance Advanced 1, which I believe runs DT SWISS hubs (boost), but with 3 pawl. I haven't actually opened it to look myself, but got the details from the Giant Australia website.

    The pawl definitely feels like there are less engagement points, and while there is a quiet free-roll buzz, it's definitely no angry bees... maybe happy honey bees at best.

    Are there any upgrades available to increase the engagements for a boosted (assume) DT SWISS hub, plus get my angry bees back?

    Funnily, I want every part of my bike to be silent except for the freehub which needs to be loud, with people knowing that I'm coming up on them from 100s of metres back.

    Thanks in advance
  2. JTmofo

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    No engagement upgrade for a DT Swiss pawl hub as far as I know..... the ring nut only comes in one variety....
    and you can increase the buzz if you wash all the grease out. :shocked:

    Giant "DT Swiss" hubs are a long way from DT Swiss 240's or even 350's.. they're most likely a 370.
  3. Travis22

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    Have you had many rides on it yet? Maybe try opening it up and sus out the grease situation. If its full of grease then theres a good chance it might get a bit louder as the grease works its way out of the contact points.

    Much to my surprise my new bike came with the 52? Tooth Star ratchet. It was very very quiet when i first picked up the bike but after a couple rides it now sounds like a chainsaw at full noise!

    You could clean out the factory grease and replace it with Slickolium etc?

  4. schred

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    No upgrades available afaik, you are stuck with whatever the hub comes with. Prob not very much oil/grease in there to begin with either.
  5. Art Vanderlay

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    vrrrrm vrrrrm:
  6. creaky

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  7. The Duckmeister

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    The Giant hubs use various mixes of bits ranging from generic stuff up to DT internals in Giant hub shells. The TRX-1 wheels fitted to the Trance Adv. 1 are a little vague in the origin of the hub guts, but they're running on a pawl system, which you can't do anything with.

    The level up TRX-0 wheels (specced in the Trance Adv. 0)use the DT 36T star ratchet hub guts.
  8. Pork Chop

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    Cheers for replies.

    No BzzzZZZ = BOOO!!!

    Hoping that when I open up the hub, that it's just lathered with grease.
  9. notime

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    The new Trek Bontrager Pawl hubs in the lesser Line wheelsets come with 3 pawls installed and you can buy 3 more and go 6 for 104point engagement. Really nice setup for OEM hubs.

    The new Spesh Epic comes with Carbon everything including wheels but has cheap arse low engagement hubs that really kill the snappy feel of the bike.

    Giant are probably just specking rubbish engagement when we have all been getting used to nice quick engagement for years now they should do better.
  10. Art Vanderlay

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    You could try your new wheels on your new cannondale?
  11. Pork Chop

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    Yes, I noticed the dip in Giant with this bike.
  12. Pork Chop

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    Cannondale have good bikes and design, but spec the bikes quite poorly for anything other than their top bikes. The wheels on the Habit don't seem as good as the Giant.

    I'd transfer the 240s from my Anthem if there wasn't the whole issue with non-boost vs boost frames.
  13. JTmofo

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    Boostinator is your friend.

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  14. the drizzle

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    On a front wheel with only an endcap change, it is required to re-dish the wheel?

    If so, can you re-dish using the existing spokes?
  15. JTmofo

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    Both require a re dish.

    Front is only 1 end cap to the non rotor side (keeps the rotor on the correct position)

    Rear has a spacer for the rotor and also requires a re dish.

    Speaking to my wheel builder, if the spokes have been sized correctly to start with, you don't require new spokes.

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  16. ozzybmx

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    You could change the grease.

    Been servicing my Chris King hubs with Finish Line wet lube for 4 years now, got over 10,00km on them hubs with no issues.

    Them are angry bees !
  17. BT180

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  18. notime

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    That's interesting, I use a light shock fluid. Never had any issues either, similar k's..
  19. Pork Chop

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    !!!! :) :) :)

    Looked into this option and seems a good way.
  20. ozzybmx

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    DAMN !!! I searched for 2 hours a while back looking for the friggin bottle of Finish Line lube while I had the hub in bits.... and I have a 1L bottle of Fox gold and a ~500ml bottle of Float fluid that I probably moved out of the way while looking.

    It didn't even cross my mind.

    Nice one

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