Killingworth 3hr "Enduro" - First timer


Hey everyone. First time posting. I have never raced before, but started trail riding at Glenrock about 2 months ago AND FARKIN LOVE IT!!! (Sorry, don't know if bad puns are allowed!) I am going to give the 3hr race at Killingworth a go, since i emailed the club and they reckon its a stress free relaxed atmosphere. I'm not looking at competing for a place, but any one with some tips on racing your first race would be appreciated!


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Yep - relax. Don't burn your cookies on the first lap, just take a nice sensible pace out. Drink up before you head out, eat a decent breakfast, and stretch well before as well.

Oh, don't do what I did before my first race, and go out drinking until 2am the night before. Very bad move.


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Club Championships

31st August 2008 as far as I know. My aim: try not to get the fewest laps, i.e. avoid coming last (which is the usual for me).



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I'll put money on it that you won't come last this time!!
You don't know JIM8OB.

Definition of sloooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

31st is the date of the 3hr. it's just a normal club round, not the champs.


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Just a quick note, this race has been postponed till after the worlds.

If anyone is interested there will be a build/ride day at awaba.

So come along and help us complete the final parts of the first 2km's (give or take) of trail.

Following the building we will be throwing down some laps to bed the trail in.