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pink poodle

Our man in Japan
It's a bit of a past history pisstake, we had one of the Haibike riders on here posting up videos of himself flying up the footpaths and being a local menace with one of the high powered, hand throttle ebikes.


Do you think he wanted some panniers to shed the gnar and collect the groceries.


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Hang on .... the farking things are in stock in Toowoomba, ffs. Stealth release.

For $20k you could take a month or two off work. Go for a mtb trip of a lifetime to canada or nz and ride everyday. Not only would your riding improve 10 fold, You'd be stupidly fit when you got back and you might find that those climbs you felt you needed an ebike for are no longer an issue.
Probably even buy yourself a bike over there with the spare change.