life expectancy of hydration system bladders


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Every entrant is the Polaris this year got a bladder (Nalgene from memory). Might make the entry fee a bit sweeter if you are thinking of doing it next year.


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A couple of good bladder cleaners and to help get that skanky new taste out are bicarb soda and polident tablets (your nanna might use these on her dentures) soaked overnight


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posty26 said:
A couple of good bladder cleaners and to help get that skanky new taste out are bicarb soda and polident tablets (your nanna might use these on her dentures) soaked overnight
thats the shit i was trying to remember!!

forget whatever it was i said, dont want anyone dying :eek:


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you better clean it regularly because i got a really bad stomch ache after not washing mine for a couple of months and drinking lots from it. Although the thing that pissed me off was i had the stomach ache on the way home from homebush. :(


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I never clean mine, i only put water in it and then store it in the freezer when not in use.

A mate of mine recently bought a hydro pack with a bladder that has a quick release is awsome, i think the brand is a Nalgene, although not entirely shore.


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Teaspoon of napisan if it ever gets skanky - sloshed around with hot water and left for an hour before rinsing VERY thoroughly.

Between fills, it's kept in the fridge - to retard any bacterial growth. Never had any dramas with it. Not sure i'd go for the freezer though. Might play havoc with the plastic? had it for 5yrs.
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Resurrecting this old thread -

I'm now on my 4th hydro bladder in 3 years :- boo hissss!

They have all failed at the hose fitting on the bag - it seems to deteriorate & split. 3 have been manufactured by HydroPak but branded by others. The last (and most miserable) was a CamelBack that I bought to see if this was an issue with HydroPack stuff. (The Camel-back was also leaking from the lid & that also got worse over time)

Anyone had success with the Platypus brand??

Any others finding the plastics just seem to give up & split after a year or so? Is this more built in obsolescence??


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Never had issues..
Had a brand from rays outdoors 2 years. 1 bladder.
Now have ogio with 3 litres
2 years no worries bar the bite valve breaking.
I do keep mine on the fridge though after every ride. every month or so il give it a wash and dry. then refill and back in fridge.
Ohh mine got a pin prick hole in it from the freezer when i was in maydena last year. fixed it with a tube patch from lenzye. Still not leaking a year on


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Don't know if you're unlucky but no issues here, 1 camelbak and 1 Chinese military bladder and both are about 5+ years old. Done a few acrobatic flips, thought they would have blown for sure but nope, still good as the day I've bought them. It might pay to wash them with mild cleaning products and not leave them in direct sunlight.


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Camelback brand, have had a couple of bladders for over 10 years, cleaned many times, nil issues

Ogio brand, got a little rough with one and broke a tab on the closing mechanism, now leaks a little.

Uswe brand, a year and a half old and no leaks, but has gone a gross colour. Tastes fine, but cleaning won't clear the scummy look it has now.

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Have multiple Camelbaks going back 15 years. All are fine. Current generations closure system for the lid is a pain though.

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I got all pissy at the Camel back bladders as they used to leak up near the filler.

I have had a few Hydrapak bladders now and am a fan of the open top that you fold over to seal it. They have leaked eventually mainly at the lower valve instead.

You always have one of these leak right when you need it. My last bladder malfunction was at the start of Andos/Oaks and it waterfalled down my butt. This, would have been great but not on a cold day.

I have used official Hydrapak cleaning solutions before but my camelbak coat hanger /drying out thingy works the best. Just make sure no bugs are jumped in and you are good to go with no chemicals.


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I bought this in 2000 so now about 19 years old ha ha. Its my only hydration pack and has been used for both Enduro moto and MTB.
Pain in the ass to clean due to the small cap, but cant argue with its durability lol.
Guess they don't make em like they used to.

I had the same one, only replaced last year as the nylon had finally succumbed to UV and was getting brittle and hard. Was one its second bladder in 18 years, first one went 15 years before developing a small leak.

I've never cleaned mine - water only and leave them with water in them. I tend to tip out the water if its been a few days as it gets a plastic taste.