Little Things You Hate


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Auspost Parcel Post.

Shipped item from Melbourne on the 19th September. Made it to Sydney, sat there for a few days, then Perth for a few days, back in Sydney now and no movement for a few days. Only going to Newcastle, so saying it will be delivered sometime next week.

Can’t put a complaint in it as I need to wait 10 business days after the expected delivery. Problem is the expected delivery date keeps getting pushed out. 3 weeks from Melbourne to Newcastle is pretty average when it should take a week max.

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I think they do this just to fcuk with you...tracking is bullshit, they just can't guarantee it will get there in 2 days, so instead they make it look like it has traveled 5000km back and fourth across the country and arrive in 9 days!..where in reality it hasn't even left the distro centre.
that way you go "wow, it did take a few days extra, but look at where it has been...impressive!"


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People who can't communicate.

was meant to be doing something tomorrow with an unnamed emergency service but because i hadn't completed something (The chief knew this over a week ago) i was not allowed to attend and was only told this when i confirmed what time we had to be at the thing. I even took time off work for this but lucky im not a casual slave and have nearly 100 hours of leave built up but still..

Communication people ffs,, it's a bare minimum skill and not THAT HARD.