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LTIL = despite this year being an absolute Barry for HSC kids my daughter received an early uni offer. Med Science at Macquarie.

I'm feeling a little proud right now, what a way to blast a shitty week out of the water:)
In a time where the most stressful period of a young persons life is being stretched out indefinitely thats a big win. Qnd a credit to.the young adult who's earned it.


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LTIL: Neighbour clearing our PO box with some of the recent goodies ordered.

LTIH: Having no idea which burner I grabbed the second XT Shifter for to save him paying shipping. Anyone?



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Nice - have they started?

rocky trail just announced as the supplier by council. the proposal doc was worth reading, there really is an awful lot that goers into this sort of proposal. though one paragraph deep in the benefits section stood out, especially with central coast bulldozing jumps this week

the Greater Sydney area has undoubtedly the worst formal mountain bike trail
opportunities in Australia on a per capita basis. The poor quality and volume of the formal Sydney
mountain bike trail offerings at present provide a very large and very motivated visitor market for
this project
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Yeah absolutely, was one of the motivations for leaving Sydney for me.

I did read the initial proposal (Dirt Art wasn't it?) and it all sounds great, have largely been riding Nowra when I'm on the coast lately, but this will be great.
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