Little Things You Love


Being who he is
@dazz gave me a shoutout recently for the way I packaged an old set of forks I sent him. I bought some forks off @nzhumpy and received them today.

This is next level amazing.
The front and sides are honeycomb board. Forks were in multi layers of bubble wrap, dropouts blocked. Auspost had no chance of destroying this and to their credit even managed to get it from Sydney to Perth in three days, despite SFA tracking info and the standard covid delay message.


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Glad they made it over in one piece, the dropout block was a bit last minute so was a tad rudimentary- same with the steerer tube cover.

That honeycomb card is awesome for sending stuff, light and strong...whole package was just under 2.5kgs and a fair portion of that was probably filament tape.