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So it’s the first full week of commuting via train/bike and seems to be working, the train ride in I use to check emails and look for what’s going to bite me in the arse during the day. I only do a short ride to work using two trains prior after work is a 14k roll to southern cross but those trips are adding up, elevation not so much but as I’m coming back from surgery I’m not fussed at the moment.



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Jul 30, 2022

Finally decided to bite the bullet and have decided to quit my current job...the atmosphere is f#%king toxic and has been for the last 2.5 years, a real divide has opened up between the sales and production teams (sales have been wfh and production have been called in no matter what) and a real leadership vacuum from upstairs ie the directors.

Edit: Gee, feels good just seeing that in writing.
Well this turned into a bit of a slow burn, but got a call back from the only joint I applied for saying they would like to hire me and the contract will be sent through tomorrow...Wednesday is going to be a good day.