Luke Madill seriously injured


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Damn that sounds bad.

I hate hearing about our champions being injured so badly.

All the best to Luke and his family for a speedy recovery and I'm sure we all look forward to seeing him back on a bike of any sort. Look at Johnnie Wadel DH demon now enduro trooper.


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Good luck to luke with a speedy recovery. His one of australia's best Bmx and 4x rider's. I think we'd hate to lose you from both sport's.

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old news, but still important.

i still do not know how he crashed!

best wishes to luke...
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aww that sucks really bad, loss of a ledgened, hope to see you up again really soon, i have a friend in a simular condition (broken neck quite badly) so condolencies to all those out with injuries, and hope to see u riding hard again soon..

Get better luke and Cam


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I heard about Luke’s injury, but did not know that it was this serious. I wish him a full and speedy recovery. Luke is a very talented BMX racer, who is known all over the world. I live in the States, and anyone who follows BMX knows Luke. I hate hearing news like this...


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Top bloke that one. Sad to see something so bad happen to him, and although he needs all the support he can get, I'm sure he would want us to be riding :) Just keep him in the back of ya mind, and push through the pain when your out riding, just for him.
Hope all gets well ASAP so you can go back to kicking some 4X and BMX butt



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LewisKerr said:
Just keep him in the back of ya mind, and push through the pain when your out riding, just for him.
I like that... Its profound :) Next time I cane myself on a bike (give me a few days.. :D ) I'll try and remember that!

Seriously tho, some of the injuries these guys get are pretty damn horrific; I find it particularly scary to think that Luke was bleeding from the eyes and nose... I wish him all the best with his recovery.


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MELBOURNE - 19/5/6

As you may be aware, Luke Madill (GT Bicycles Australia’s #1 Pro) was seriously injured in a crash at the BMX Nationals in Adelaide. Luke suffered three broken vertebrae in his back and one in his neck, a broken hand and a broken nose.

It is with huge relief that we announce Luke is now at home and making a strong recovery. Stephen Robinson and Brad Bates visited him during the week. Stephen was a little shocked when he saw Luke in the neck brace, but has advised that “Luke is looking fit and well, and appeared to be no different, apart from a stiff upper body and neck”.

Luke is maintaining a super positive attitude and plans to be back on his bike as soon as possible.

All the staff at GT Bicycles Australia wish Luke a speedy recovery.

Eoin Black
Marketing Assistant