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Which Melbourne Riding Spot

  • You Yangs

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • La Larr Ba Gauwa

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Plenty Gorge

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lysterfield

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Somewhere else...

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Sometimes I wish I was a little closer to spots like the youies or Harcourt.
But being where I am in the outer east does give a good variety of options.
15min to Silvan
20min to Hans loop / Yarra trails
25min to either Lysterfield or Smith's Gully
30min to Warburton / Hey Hey My My
45min to Plenty Gorge
1hr to Redhill, Buxton or Lake Mountain
Then between 1-2hrs for the Gippsland spots, You yangs, Harcourt, Maldon, Eildon.
We have it pretty good out our way, although I rarely travel to ride with kids killing all my time.
Warby will be great, I can't fathom what it will be like being so close to a spot like that - Probably still never get there with kids!


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Thanks for the recommendation!

We haven't decided on which area to live in yet, but thinking maybe somewhere around the Ferntree gully, Belgrave, or Kallista area. We're trying to find somewhere more bush and close to some trails so I can do a quick ride before/after work, but not too far from the Parkville area where I'll be working. Was told by an ex-melburnian to avoid the north (e.g. south morang or suburbs around plenty gorge area) and west as they're not as safe (true story or just bs?).
As a Parkville resident it takes me approx 1hr to get to Lysty on a weekend morning. Depending on route and time, I reckon you could easily add 25 mins to that for weekday commutes from the east. Train would be similar plus and you've have to change in the city to get another train or tram out to the work place.

Sister-in-law lives in Mernda and she's had heaps of security incidents, brother-in-law is in South Morang and has had none. So maybe just pot-luck, or maybe my SIL is an idiot...

You could look at the Roasanna, Viewbank, Lower Plenty area (although it's getting very expensive) especially if your work would let you combine your early ride with a commute to work along the Yarra Trail. Wouldn't be the most exciting riding in the world, but would get the kms up!

The Duckmeister

Luff me it is windy out here
For a day/weekend trip if you're more XC-focused, Forrest in the Otway Ranges SW of Melbourne is a cracker place. Real old-school, natural surface trails that don't have an overly "built" feel like some places have. Not super techy in terms of opportunity to get your wheels off the ground, but plenty of variety.... Fast, flowing sections to tight twisties, then the glorious half-pipe that is Marriner's Run.... Although I don't get there often, it is easily my favourite riding location
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Thread dig! I look like finally being able to make this trip in April after I think three failed attempts due to Covid and the change of now I am firmly an ebike rider I need to rent one any suggestions as to where from? I also have an opportunity to spend 2-3 days out of Melbourne on an MTB focussed trip - Bright/Buller somewhere else? I did suggest Tassie to my brother-in-law but he seems less inclined than me!


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spend 2-3 days out of Melbourne on an MTB focussed trip - Bright/Buller somewhere else?
Easily head up to Beechworth, the new epic is quite good, then Bright trails are just nearby as well.

If you're after something more 'local', lake mountain (90m) is the go to imo. Harcourt (90m) is a bit munted after the floods not usre if they have repaired that yet. Othewise you can triple whammy somewhere good, maryvale and haunted hills (2h).