Melbourne dirt jumps


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Diamond creek trails are really good. they are all resonable size so they aren't to good as a beginner but there are lots of lines when you get the hang of dirt jumping
lol bowden, you hate dimo? no, dimo is absolutely farked, they are in such shit condition, wait until winter then come ;) and croyden is mint!


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maybe catch a train to Heathmont as the station s like right next to the DJ's and they are legal so win win



ive heard that there are some nice jumps up in killsith at a bmx track. and i no theres a few around the basin at the dandenongs near the channel 10 track..
have fun hope you find some good ones



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Hey guys I went to Altona 40 acres today, place is mad, some of the jumps are a bit screwed but the land is huge there are sooooooooo many jumps all for different skill levels (I also fixed some of the beginner one's because they were messed up). It's really good aswell because at the entrance right next to you, you have a mad bmx track and good skate park! So yeah its great I recommend people should go there. :);):);)


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Yay first person in 2010 to add something lol. i have been looking at 40 acres and could someone tell me if there are any jumps there 4 beginners? (that is if anyone sees this)


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Yea ok, this is an old thread.
Just moved from UK over to Melbourne and very keen to get back into riding trails.
Im in Northcote, and got a ute & a spade.
- Whats going on with the trail scene in Melbourne?
- I have not been any trails yet, but from goolin, Diamond Creek look like the only ones with any real lines.

I know spreading the word on trails is not really too polite, but where would be a good place to go to find out where the trails are at at the mo? Im happy to help out with digging. What happening this Winter?


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Trail scene in Melbourne = not really existent. Theres very few dudes around these days that when it comes to winter who pull out the ipod, shovel and hoodie and get shit rolling swell for when summer comes around.

Instead down here they would rather head to the local skate park or even rampfest and learn how to put 2 feet to pedals and roll out rubber side down. Now this is all cool, it sucks in the winter! But when the sun starts to re appear people shouldnt expect to roll down to any form of trail and expect work to be done and even yet to be greeted politely by those who stand by the shovel.

I invite any keen diggers with open arms.....but we all know actions speak louder than words! Drop me a message...


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there are some nice ones in lilydale. and around that area(croydon, heathmont etc..).
ohhh and the Wonga Park jumps just got fixed up.
I live near heathmont and lilydale.. if u need just pm me and i can show you em...

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if your about to start all the dirt at jumps is pretty hard and sketchy at the moment so take it easy,

try goin out to eltham with some others, there are also some good begginers jumps in hurstbridge behind the primary school,

ah windsor, ummm, bmx tracks like knox, oakleigh and park orchards,



there are more, but most of the jumps at the moment in melbourne are shagged becaus e People steal shovels, and it hasnt rained in at least 3 weeks so jumps have crumbled and cracked and gone all dusty and dangerous, this includes ALL the jumps in ivanhoe

oh and what are serb trails?
Where are these jumps in ivanhoe!! Please tell me ive looked everywhere!!!


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You obviously haven't looked everywhere... And this thread is so god damn old man, what the hell? Leave the trails alone, especially at this time of year when all the builders are digging and not riding.


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Ivanhoe Dirt Jumps

i headed out to ivanhoe to see what sort of state the jumps were in.
someone has obvioulsy fixed them up beacause they are well gromed the grass is short and tghe jumps are fairly big.
the council have tried to make it into a park and they say on the sign that they will soon fix them up to be appropriate for everyone.