NSW Mill Creek Conservation Park (Menai) - MTB Trail building Thread


Puts verniers on his headtube
Someone is messing with the trail cams


It has been brought to our attention that a MTB rider may be tampering with surveillance cameras installed by SSC to monitor illegal motorbike and 4wd activity in and adjacent to the MTB trails. The tampering has prevented cameras capturing a number plate of a 4wd with persons riding on the outside and roof of the vehicle as well as motorbikes over the past weekend.

The trails have not just appeared by magic overnight, it has taken thousands of hours of hard work by dedicated volunteers in the MTB community. This hard work can be quickly undone by unauthorised users. Motorbikes also pose a significant risk to legitimate users of the facility with several near misses reported over the past year.
To have a fellow member of our community allegedly act in this manner is extremely disappointing. We are appealing to the MTB community to come forward PRIVATELY to identify this person so that they can assist council with their enquiries.
Thanks team