NSW Mill Creek Conservation Park (Menai) - MTB Trail building Thread

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This thread is to organise volunteers for relevant trail building days, training and anything else related to the new Mill Creek Conservation Park. Please subscribe to keep in touch with next build days etc.

The plan is for Monthly build days initially, slated for the 2nd Saturday of the Month (RNP is the 3rd Saturday).

The first of the Mill Creek Conservation Park - MTB build days is slated for the 08 Dec 2012 (Yeow) :bounce:

All volunteers will need to RSVP to ssorc@hotmail.com. Please indicate if you've had trail building experience before (not essential but helps with planning)

All volunteers need to have completed the attached form, the online induction and send it back to Sutherland Shire Council prior to the build day. Its a one off so once you've done it all then your covered for all future build days.

Details to come, however please slot in the 08 Dec 2012 and apologies for the short notice.
Likely 8am to 12pm BYO Tools, PPE and Water on this one - apologies we'll be more organised in future.

Hankering ... see youse there


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Induction done, forms sent to council
Emailed ssorc
Subscribed to this thread
Day off work sat 8th

Im sorted!


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suggest on this one it will be more about pruning back and shifting logs ... sorry we're still in planning and a little less organised then we will be in future.

So, Lopers, bow saws, secutures(sp), hedgers, rakes or rake hoes.
PPE=> Gloves ... suggest wearing a collared workshirt to cover your neck, long sleeves and pants, wide brimmed hat ... sturdy shoes

We'll likely be meeting on little forest road ... but I'll confirm once planning is complete (soz again).

We'll be working on the fence run ... and maybe sections of the rocky bits just after


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Do we have to post the forms or is there a specific fax number to send them to? Otherwise, can I fax them to the general fax number and mark it to the attention of a specific person?

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Meeting at 8am
Little Forest Road (Last Gate)

Earlier email ...
We are meeting 8am at the last gate on little forest road ... if you can car pool in that would save a bit of drama ... note some light off road driving maybe needed to get a parking spot ... My Hyundai survived but it was tense, nutting to do with me being asian or anything.

I will be bringing a bike. Up to you but realistically there won't be time to ride

Tools ... hedgers, big loopers, bow saws, little cutters and good gloves. Council will have chain saws which are restricted to their use only.

Hats, long sleeve shirts with collars (recommended) ... long pants sturdy boots.
Some Bushmans face melting anti tick stuff is prolly a good idea as is sunscreen.

Please bring your own water ... although we will have some on hand.

See you there, please complete the online induction if you intend on coming ... we have a rough list of about 11 to 15 peeps


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If anyone wants to give me and my tools a lift from Sutherland I'll happily be a passenger. Can give someone else a lift from that area if they don't mind the possiblity of having to leave early or get a lift from someone else if my wife needs our car later in the day.


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If anyone wants to give me and my tools a lift from Sutherland I'll happily be a passenger. Can give someone else a lift from that area if they don't mind the possiblity of having to leave early or get a lift from someone else if my wife needs our car later in the day.
I am heading up from the Gong so I can pick you up on the way through. PM me your details.

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Hey Alan
Just wondering how rough is this off roading going to be and how far along is the last gate description.....

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There is parking at the start of the trail we are working on so we should be able to avoid bush bushing in sedans. My Elantra was OK ... was more the paint work I was worried about :rant: we'll be right

stick right on little forest and you'll find the last gate ... Kevin will be there at 8am so I'm sure there will be a bunch of people milling about you won't miss :)

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Brief planned developed by SSC Staff ... Thanks
Note: I won't do a BBQ this round ... apologies, next time.
If your concerned about taking your car in you can use the Ansto cafe Parking. but please arrange

Mill Creek Conservation Area Mountain Bike Trail
Track Building and Closure Program
6[SUP]th[/SUP] December, 2012
Summary of the day’s program
8.00amIntroduction, Induction, Worker Health and Safety
8.45amAssignation of tasks: Track Trimming, Eragrostis removal, Rubbish collection, Track Closure, Track marking and records keeping.
10.00amMorning Tea
10.30amBack to work
12.15pmCompletion of tasks / Gathering of tools
Assignation of tasks:
I propose that everyone gets the option to rotate tasks to (if they wish) to stave off boredom. Just negotiate a swap so that the groups do not become under-resourced.
This is a summary of things we want to achieve, the tools and the numbers of personnel required:
1. Track trimming
· material to be used for track closures
· loppers and hand-saws (maybe chainsaw)
· 5 people
2. Eragrostis (African Lovegrass) Removal
· load on truck at the end of the day
· Handpicks, white bags
· 5 people
3. Track Closure
· material to be sourced from the surrounding bushland
· material to be dragged out to track closure location
· chainsaw, loppers, hand saws
· 2 people sourcing material and then dragging to nearest track, then two others picking up and moving to final location, 1 person identifying destination.
4. Mark out new trail realignments along the fence line
· this person(s) to mark up old/new tracks and mark such on map
· all of the days works to be marked on maps
· tape, GPS, Spray
· marker
· two people
5. Rubbish collection (refuse from waste facility)
· load on truck at the end of the day
· white bags, gloves!
· excess people
This is a run-down of some of the tools I will bring along.
Tools and items
· Chainsaws (and PPE)
· Tape ( for taping off tracks) (tags for items)
· Tape
· Hand picks
· Macleod
· Crow bar
· Loppers
· Shovels
· Sledge hammer
· Gloves
· First aid
· Hand saws
· Wheel barrow
A few little practicalities:
1. It would be nice to car-pool as many people as possible (not just because it’s fun). We will be parking along the road inside the second gate. No vehicles are to be left near the SITA driveway. If you have a vehicle you don’t want to take in it can be left at the ANSTO Café car park.
2. The first person to arrive (me hopefully) will open the gate and close the gate after the last has entered.
3. An introduction to the tasks of the day will be carried out.

4. Groups will be assigned a group supervisor.
5. A site induction will be carried out and all participants to be present and sign off required safety checklists.
6. Group supervisors will be required to hand out tools and the plan of action.
7. Those who wish can bring their bike for a ride afterwards but this is not council sponsored.
8. Please be aware that the motorcycle police have been very active in the area in the last two weeks so it is not recommended that riding take place on ANSTO or Aboriginal Council Land.

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From Kevin ...

I'd just like to give a big thanks to those who turned up to the Trackwork day at Lucas Heights this morning. I was a great turn-out and i was very pleased with the enthusiasm of all involved. Obviously our future workdays will become better organised and everyone will know their role a little better (including me). But I thought we all performed well.

Thanks to those who looked after the Eragrostis removal. Work like that goes a long way to improving the conservation value of the bushland and attracting some ancillary funding.

A large section of "The Gate" rock armouring was installed today and "the rock doctors" should be able to complete that job on the next visit. (Awesome work guys).

The trimming team got a long way down the track and made the route a little easier to negotiate.

The "Cholesterol" track closure team was in full force doing some serious clogging of the arteries with (for those who care) Allocasuarina, and Acacia parvipinula.

Thanks to the Australian Federal Police for providing security for the day. (edit :) something about passing on thanks.)

And a very big thanks from myself and Council goes to [reps] for a lot of the work they have already put in just to get us started.

The next trackwork day is scheduled for 5th January, 2013. ( Al, Justin or Perren to confirm).

If anyone involved today knows others who wish to be involved for the next trackwork day feel free to contact me and I'll make that wish come true.

If anyone has some suggestions about how we may be able to improve the day let me know. My suggestions are that we have a proper tea break at 10.15 am and maybe a quick sausage sizzle at the end for those who wish to hang around for twenty minutes. (I can supply the bbq and the tea).

Hats and water!

Thanks again people!"

Kevin Seymour
Team Leader - Bushcare
Sutherland Shire Council
Locked Bag 17 Sutherland 1499 Australia

Big Thanks to all the guys and gals that got in and took care of the weeding and rubbish collection ... I very much appreciate your 'get in and do it' attitude ... Thanks heaps.

I just wanted to share my thoughts so far on the whole process.
I think we are very lucky to have such a high level of cooperation and engagement, not just from Council but from the local conservation group (Menai Wildflower Group). It is in stark contrast to my experience elsewhere in NSW where Staff have been hamstrung and volunteer efforts overshadowed by nit picking and closed minded individuals opposed to access, which has been legitimately won and approved by Local, State and Commonwealth authorities.

I think locals and users of Menai should very much count themselves lucky, really get behind this effort and make the most of it. We haven't had everything our way, and I'm sure we will need to compromise on many aspects as the network develops ... but this process has shown how open communication and willingness to work together will produce benefits for all involved.

Put your hand up, get involved and make the most of this unique opportunity



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I think Kevin's email sums up the attitude of the day pretty well.
It was really good to see how positive the council are towards this project.

In reality, I never thought Menai was going to re-open. Looks like I've been proved wrong, and in a big way! There is stacks of potential, and with more volunteers and continued council help we are going to once again have one of the best places to ride in Sydney in our back yard.

As Al said, this really is a unique opportunity. It's so rare that the powers to be are on our side in such an enthusiastic way.

Yesterday was my first ever legit trail building day. And I'm stoked to be part of something that will reignite my faith in MTB.

So, if your like me and miss having decent trails in the shire, put your hand and come help. It's gonna be good :beer:

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