Mountain bike riders deliberately hurt as tracks sabotaged with rocks logs: Nerang


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I don't know the area just saw the news item, anyone on here ride around there?

Courier Mail

NUMEROUS bike riders have been hurt after logs and rocks were deliberately placed on mountain bike trails in the Nerang State Forest in an attempt to injure people.

Several reports have been made by riders, saying logs and rocks seem to have been placed to cause a crash.


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I've been reading about it on MTBDirt for sometime now.
I heard he had been weakening bridges, nails in wood etc (don't know what is fact vs fiction).
Shocking regardless that it has been going on. So dangerous, I'd hate to be doing say a night ride especially on my well known tracks only to come across some random setup to make you crash.
Hope they catch the bastard.


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Nerang? Is this where ridenparadise does trail work? Coz he has had heaps of problems over the last year or so with destructive and dangerous behaviour.


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I cannot understand why people do this? They aren't sitting next to the spot that they've sabotaged to see the effects so it seems pointless to even bother doing it. I've had some dramas in the past with this stuff and it was done by people who had "plants" growing nearby and intended to warn bike riders off the area.
It's public land that isn't used by anyone other than outdoor types, what can be the gain of doing it other than to satisfy some urge to harm people? I'd love to catch a trail wrecker in the act, no one can hear them scream that far from home.


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It is real. This dude is working alone as best we can tell. He has been seen by a number of people, but no pics and he has always bolted after being seen. This is the description - late 40s - early 50s, short probably grey hair, solid and 100kg or more in weight, "walks like an ape" and has been seen carrying a bag (tools) and wearing Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd T shirts.

This all started 10 months ago with trail flagging ribbons being pulled out, then saplings broken across trails, then logs added where they can't be seen until too late, log overs damaged with one side removed or spaced so your front wheel gets trapped. That caused a broken nose in a youngster. Lots of rocks have been placed on trails and fire roads in patterns that get you if you try to avoid the first rock. This particularly upsets us because it tends to be beginners and families on the fire roads. There were reports of fishing line being strung to catch riders avoiding rocks on singletrack, but I haven't seen that myself. Lots of skinny bridges have been damaged or removed. Some were sabotaged, but left looking intact. I heard of one rider biffing when a bridge collapsed under him. The bridge damage can be very malicious with part of the bridge removed where it cannot be seen, so that once you commit it is too late.

I have been away a bit recently, but I hear a police officer riding with his mate (another police officer) was brought down by a booby trap and now it has gone to the next level. So I have to give an official police report and also have media chasing me for details again. ABC radio covered the story a couple of months ago and Channel 9 is after me today for information.

So, yes there is potential danger in the Nerang National Park. We have basically adopted an out and back on the same trail approach. I do not feel comfortable about hitting structures or riding at speed until a trail is checked and safe. After a recent controlled burn in Region 2 of the park (Bailey's, Exit Trail, Happy Valley, Roy's, 911, Netti) this guy is likely to be working elsewhere if he has no cover. Having said that, we have not been into Region 2 as QPWS still has it closed due to the risk of falling trees, so I don't really know if all of the trails have had their vegetation burned away. It sort of looks like it may be green lower down, but that may just be canopy. Therefore, be extra careful on Pete's, Brett's, Neverending, Pandora, Avatar, Superloop and GG's, especially the last five as they are more isolated and he has done a lot of bridge damage out back in the last 6 months. He has also done damage to Casuarina Loop (again beginners being targeted) and Three Hills in the recent past, including a large sapling being pulled across Hill 2 on Three Hills where speeds are high on the descent. Nowhere is totally safe.

We need pictures of this guy and if anyone can identify him leaving or entering the park, it will help locate his point of origin. It is possible he lives adjacent to the park. We did get a video sent to us recently that clearly identified a vehicle, but the vid of the bloke was very brief and it was felt inappropriate to pursue, especially as he was driving a vehicle that could easily have been one of the fire personnel. Thanks for your help.


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This is atrocious I hope they catch the prick and charge him with causing GBH make him do several hundred hours community service such as rebuilding the park.


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I'll gladly come up and recon when riders aren't around. I can't guarantee you'll get be able to shake hands with the c#@t if I catch him though.

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youll find him- he wont be able to stop himself

love the Nerang trails and could see huge risks in what he is doing. I have a relative at Muggeribar (?) police station but sounds like the police are covered. Good to get some pictures of the guy. Put up some posters in the local bike shop and surrounding businesses with a description. Most people have mobile phones with cameras in the back pack.


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Sucks fetid arse. that's for sure

Unclefeet has had dramas in his neck of the woods with these things left half buried in the trails

We had saplings wedged in trees so they cross the track at head height, branches piled up around blind corners and down ramps torn out, leaving behind the star pickets that was hold it in


Some people are just psychopathic, selfish pricks who think they own the bush and as trespassers into their world riders deserve to be hurt.


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Here's a cross post from another RB thread. Please check out the image in the link at the end of this post, because it will not cross-copy. The police are taking this very seriously . If you have seen this man, or had an injury that is due to trail sabotage, please report it to Qld Police at the Nerang station via Police Link Ph: 131444 and do it ASAP. Lots has been happening with this in Qld Police today and satisfying news may be imminent, with immediate public help. Without witnesses prepared to assist police, it may not go further. Sounds like they are looking at jail time for a suspected perp.

Led Zeppelin shirt-wearing saboteur wanted by Queensland police

July 30, 2014 - 9:06AM

Several mountain bike riders have been injured after crashes while trying to avoid logs and rocks deliberately placed on a Nerang trail, police say.

They have released a comfit image of the man who they believe is responsible for placing the obstacles in the Nerang State Forest.

“The items placed on the bike trail appear to be strategically placed to force riders to either crash into them or crash whilst avoiding them,” Nerang Police Senior Sergeant Peter Gordon said.

“It is certainly concerning that riders have suffered injuries as a result of these incidents.

“Anyone found to be intentionally placing items across bike trails could potentially face serious charges as a consequence.”

Senior Sergeant Gordon said the man was involved in a confrontation with riders last week, when he became abusive towards them.

The man has been described as Caucasian, aged in his 40s, with short dark hair, a solid build and is missing front teeth.

He was wearing a black Led Zeppelin t-shirt, black shorts, a black cap and sunglasses. The man had also been sighted in the area once before, and was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt on that occasion.

Police have asked anyone who recognises the man or has information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at


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Channel 9 Brisbane News NOW


The was the short version. Gold Coast News had more riding
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he'll be on a 'stairway to heaven' if he don't watch out.

sounds like the attacks are so frequent that he wouldn't be too difficult to catch with a mtb ninja stakeout in area.