Product Review Mountain Bikes Direct & Cassons importers


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Just thought I would put this out there …………
I recently bought the new 2019 BELL Sixer helmet from Mountain Bikes Direct and wanted to share my experience with a warranty claim with both MBD and Cassons (importers).
I’m not going to go into detail of helmet issue as it is now resolved and this isn’t the point of this review.
So…………. I was back and forwards a few times emailing MBD about the helmet only after a few weekend rides and asked for a replacement due to failure, the guys I dealt with at MBD were awesome and easy to deal with. All that was asked was a few pictures of the fatigue and that was it. The communication from the guys at MBD was fast and response time was same day, usually within a few hours of emailing. I was then emailed and told that it won’t be sent out to me but the Rep from Cassons will drop it round to my place when it suits me….. ERRRR HUH!!!! … WAIT………..WHAT!! . Am I misreading this, surly a rep won’t be coming to my place to replace a helmet, that just doesn’t happen.
Sure enough about a week later I get a phone call from Ian the Rep asking “when is a good time to drop around”. Most dudes called Ian are great guys ;-) , had to get that in there. So yeah, yesterday arvo Ian is at my door with new helmet and no questions asked, we chatted for a bit and talked about old days of riding , Canberra and Bilt bikes and that was it. A real cool guy which I hope is rewarded well in his position, we need more reps/ sales people like this in Aus.
So in wrapping this up….. I have so much stoke for all the dudes involved and can’t say a bad word about Mountain Bikes Direct and Cassons Rigo, Bruno, Phill and Ian
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MTB direct don't muck about when it's a genuine problem and they usually get the supplier involved to rectify the problem ASAP. I've had components sent out to me direct via 24hr shipping from their supplier which was Al on here from linksports. Thumbs up from me to both of those businesses.


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Yep, MTB Direct are awesome. I had a warranty issue with a smart trainer and they organised a rep from the distributor to come and collect it from me at work (also offered to send repair parts for self repair, or to supply a pre-paid post label to return the unit that way if they were my preferred options). The whole process was seamless and definitely gives you the confidence to buy more from them knowing that they're there if you need support.


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Similar praise for MTBD from me too - bought some Five Ten shoes about 18 months ago, first pair were too narrow, went the next size up and they were clown shoes. The return process was painless - print off a barcode label for return postage and I was never charged for return postage costs.