Need help choosing Queensland rural placement!

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by cameron_15, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. cameron_15

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    Next year I have a 2 month rural rotation as part of my degree and have a rather lengthy list of towns to preference over the next few days. I figure I may as well see what kind of mountain biking is on offer in these places as that will certainly play a role in where I try to end up. I'll be completing the rotation through January and February next year.

    Places like Mt Tambourine I'm aware of as having some trails, but I'd ideally like to go further out from Brisbane, to a place I likely won't get the chance to ride at again. Below is a google maps list of all the places I can preference, if you're from one of these towns or have visited I'd love to hear from you. I'm from Melbourne originally so I don't know much about central and (sort of) North Queensland. I have an Enduro bike and ride anything from XC to Downhill. I'd love to get out and do some more remote riding/bike camping too if that helps with suggestions.

    Also, if you have any experience or insight into the specific hospitals/medical centers too that would be excellent, as I guess the quality of my education should probably factor in somewhere.

    Lastly, Alice Springs is on the list but requires a special application, which I will definitely be filling out and going for as a first preference... but competition is tight.,151.25189318447258&z=9
  2. tunsis

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    I followed my partner across far North Queensland for her medical placements last year.

    One thing worth considering is that, for the time of year that you specify its going to be bloody hot, or hot and humid depending on where you are.

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  3. 99_FGT

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    What tunsis said.
    Rocky and the ville would be my go to. Or hervey bay, up to bundy, down to tewantin and gympie

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  4. Flow-Rider

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    I would try to position myself around the tablelands area but that's just me, you have Atherton and Cairns MTB parks. Lots of little touristy places to visit by a few hr drives. There's some trail networks up the Eastcoast (Toogoom, Bundy and etc,)but I don't know how good they are. Go in the winter if you don't like the heat and they have big wet season rains in the summer also. There's a few members on here that permanently reside up there and they would have a lot better knowledge than me about the area.
  5. moorey

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    Somewhere with a decent post office.
  6. Snapcatcher

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    I see Beaudesert and Boonah are options, which puts you very close to Mt Joyce. You have a couple choices near Toowoomba which have the Jubilee Park trails. All these locations within 1.5 hours of Brisbane though
  7. 99_FGT

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    Gatton also puts you 15 min from Hidden Vale and 30 from Toowoomba Jubilee Ark

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  8. Dales Cannon

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    What do you want to do? Work with farmers, miners etc.

    Rocky and Townsville are both hot and take some time to adjust to. Avoid Blackwater as if it has 56 plagues. It is not the arsehole of the universe but you can see it from any tree.

    Have a google and reduce your list to 10 or 12.
  9. Dales Cannon

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    What is a post office? Somewhere to get fencing spares?
  10. tasty.dirt74

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    At that time of year I would avoid Far North QLD. Disgustingly humid and the potential for cyclones and torrential rain. I only get out to ride at night due to the climate. Even at 8pm it can still be 28 -30 degrees.
  11. wavike

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    It would be too hot to ride anywhere except SEQ during Jan/Feb, especially for southerners. It's been a wet winter so far, so might luck out for a dry Jan/Feb. Cyclones tend to be Feb through to April and maybe only one or two a year.
  12. cameron_15

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Unfortunately I can't go further north than Rockhampton, as everything in North Queensland is zoned to James Cook uni students. Atherton would have been great.

    I might just have to play it safe and try to go to Hervery Bay or Yeppoon for a bit of a summer beach break.
  13. Calvin27

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    Nothing useful to add, but just saying this guy is a thinker!
  14. Gripo

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    as a Qlder, yuck....the most uninspiring locations in qld....can't call them beaches...

    I'd go Beaudesert...close enough to a host of riding spots and a day at the real beaches and not far out of the city ....but still a country town
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  15. tunsis

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    I recently lived in QLD for 4 years; 3 in Brisbane and 1 in Townsville with a stint in Isa.

    I would stay as far south as possible for the weather.

    South Brisbane is probably the epicentre for nearby riding spots to session; but if that is not rural enough then I'd go Gatton / Toowoomba as others have said.
  16. DMan

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    I'm with this fella. Even Brisbane is muggy in Summer. Toowoomba is good. Still hot in Summer but only 1.5hrs to Brisbane. Jubilee is good fun. I'm about 2hrs South of Toowoomba. We've got good trails here and no humidity as we're at elevation. So in summer early morning is good or as the sun drops. I went to Atherton 2 weeks ago with my lady, riding and I couldn't imagine facing that place in summer....
  17. Flow-Rider

    Flow-Rider Eats Squid

    He could stay at Kooralbyn or even Hidden Vale MTB parks, you can't get much closer to farms and mtb trails than that. Beaudesert's not bad because you can ride some of the Border ranger trails.
  18. Flow-Rider

    Flow-Rider Eats Squid

    I will say that personally, I like to stay in the more coastal regions through out winter as the inland winters can have some snappy cold mornings.

    Have a look on this map, it has the main MTB parks in QLD but you still have a heap of Forestry trails if you like that sort of stuff.
  19. DMan

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    lol. Princess. I still prefer the cold to your humidity in summer though...
  20. Flow-Rider

    Flow-Rider Eats Squid

    Enjoy the westerly winds & Stanthorpe is all yours buddy, I like walking around in my jocks so the coastal locations work for me. :behindsofa:

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