New Bike Park for Sydney

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Tubbsy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. EsPeGe

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    I'm wondering if it's something in the Keira area???? Especially given the pic is definitely up the top of Green Valleys. I'm not sure Nick would love having a pic of his park advertising someone else's place. And I know there area few locals down that way that have been working towards something.
  2. Binaural

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    Any new info on this? I follow synergy on instagram but the teasers are just stretching it out too much now and it's getting old rather than building suspense.
  3. Dozer

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    Its not the Mt Keira thing mate, not a Greenvalleys thing either. ;) Mt Keira; if the plans go ahead will be pretty damn awesome and Illawarra folk are lucky to have an already cranking Greenvalleys but this Sydney thing? Nah, she's something else entirely.
  4. Isildur

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    So... Again, pure speculation, but going by another friend's posting who's working for Synergy, he talked about it being close to home and "arvo shred sessions" being possible.

    That means somewhere either Hornsby - Berowra way (i.e. the long anticipated OMV Lower Hill extension, joining to H2O and potentially up into Berorwa Valley), or lower Central Coast, like the Mt White through to Glenworth Valley that hit my mind in the earlier post :)

    Either way, bloody good for me!!
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  5. Binaural

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    I think you're probably leading in the betting so far @Isildur. Having grown up around Hornsby, there's real potential for the area around H20 and up into the hills.
  6. Ultra Lord

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    New Oxy?
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  7. piss off the shooting range and put the new tracks around there, I used to love bombing that fire trail down to the river, crazy skatey fun
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  8. foxpuppet

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    The gun range is a crock, sure it was ok in the 40’s out in “rural” land but now it’s in suburbia. To close that trail off to all users is a disgrace.

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  9. Damn straight !!!
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  11. EsPeGe

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    Either way it’s good news. More places to ride = a happy little fella.
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  12. northvanguy

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    I'm moving to Sydney March 1 so any new or old riding im pretty happy about
  13. featherplucker

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  14. cokeonspecialtwodollars

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    The new precinct the mongrels are working on in Cessnock with the PCYC and council is rad, nicely integrated with the proposed rail trail, but that's not it.
  15. pink poodle

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    Should be the oldower blue mountains train station shuttle special re-worked...alas.
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  16. johnny

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  17. featherplucker

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    Looks like they'll be announcing it on the 15th this week.

  18. LPG

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    I still think this is pretty likely. There are fair bits of forested land by the edges of Berowra Creek that has reasonable elevation and isn't national park land.

    Of course there is also Glenworth Valley that does horse riding, quad biking and other outdoor things. They would be in a pretty good position to do it and already have insurance/legal aspects sorted out with quite a few other "risky" activities. It is 40km north from the start of the M1 so it's not exactly in Sydney, but google maps tells me it's nearly 10 mins quicker to get there than Berowra Waters (from the start of the M1 again).
  19. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    It's a golf course!
  20. Mr Crudley

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    Just what I was thinking. Keep the 19 hole for post ride festivities.

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