New bike, steerer too short.

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by GrubNut, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. GrubNut

    GrubNut Likes Dirt

    Ok I have a bit of a tricky situation. I recently bought a new bike and when I picked it up I found that the steerer had been cut so short that no spacers can be fitted. Also the fork appeared to be a different one to the one on the bike at the time I paid for it (different colour stickers). The stem only has 40mm of stack.

    I only noticed after leaving the shop. I thought it was a bit odd that it was cut like that, but the bike felt ok at first. Now after riding it I'd like to raise the bars by 10 or 15mm, and at least want to have the option of adjusting the height.

    It's a bit tricky because now that I have ridden the bike I guess I cannot return the fork. Isn't it quite odd to build a new bike without having a little bit of adjustment? I mean, I am even quite limited in my choice of stems at (max 40mm height). I can always try riser bars but it is a rather expensive way to experiment with bar height. I really feel that this was a mistake by the shop to supply a bike with no adjustment at all.

    This is an 8.5K bike.

  2. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    In 6.4 and need to get my front end up!!!
    You should certainly take to the bike shop that you brought it from. If they are selling $8 grand bikes then they would certainly have many more build in the pipeline- could swap your fork for a longer one.
    I recently brought a fork that I knew was too short and got Jon @ Gripsport's to lengthen it for me. His work is great and super solid. Cost $180 from memory.
    Your right to try riser stem and bars but for some reason it always feelings slightly weird at first.
    Talk with your bike shop and see what they can do to help you out
  3. gregp

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    Agree with you, except I would not have even left the shop if the steerer was cut like that. Normally they leave 30-35mm spare (max recommended by the likes of Fox for safety reasons - any longer and you have too much leverage on the steerer creating undue stress on the fork and the headset assembly). 35-40mm stack height for a stem is typical.

    You should have refused to pay for it/leave the shop the moment you saw the fork had been swapped. But still, not your fault. I don't think it's too late to go back and tell them you just noticed this. First thing I would demand an explanation of why the fork is different. You just spent $8.5k with them - you can be a bit fussy.

    If they're being a-holes, just tell them "OK, i need to adjust the bar height, pls add a 10mm spacer", and let them scratch their heads.

    If you do get screwed, you could go with a non-zero degree rise stem.

    Let us know how you go.
  4. BT180

    BT180 Eats Squid

    First and foremost you should be going back and saying WTF, this is not the fork I paid for. Swapping out components is inexcusable, especially after you just dropped $8k.
  5. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    Not sure they gave him the wrong fork but that they cut it too short.
  6. BT180

    BT180 Eats Squid

    He said it appeared to be different to the one he paid for:

  7. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Wow. Sounds awful similar to an Australian film about a Jaguar to me...

    Be polite at first, hopefully it is easy to resolve.
  8. ForkinGreat

    ForkinGreat Random Krishna

    Email them and outline your concerns, as well as take it back to the shop and talk to the manager/owner, not the minions. But make sure you email them.

    Any conversation in person, take notes and confirm that conversation via email. You want to have a record of all communications. Be civil, but don't take any of their BS.

    One time, I bought a brand new bike, got it home, first ride, 300 metres from home, shifted into big cog to climb a hill, came to a crunching halt.

    The rear mech was so badly adjusted, the mech shifted the chain into the gap between the spokes and the cassette and buckled the rear wheel.

    Took it back to the shop and they accused me of fucking with the limit screws. emailed the shop attn the owners and got replacement wheels out of them.

    Next step was going to be consumer affairs.

    Never dealing with the chunts at that bike shop again.
  9. GrubNut

    GrubNut Likes Dirt

    Had a polite chat with the shop and explained the issue. They offered to swap the stem on the condition that the existing one was unmarked. Or a free install if I buy a new CSU (not cheap). Not kicking up a fuss about it yet, just considering my options. But I am not really happy either. It's like there's a adjuster missing from the bike.

    I probably should have noticed before handing over the money, but I guess I trusted the shop that any potential issues could be sorted out.
  10. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    hmm, I can't see any clear outcome. I'd be crossing my fingers but it sounds like the you were too trusting and the shop not surprisingly acted in self interest. Not sure I'd trust them again given that, but you have to consider the type of relationship you want to have with them given the $$ investment.

    As I see it there's a few slim angles a) if the bike was mainstream vs niche ie. a standard build per manufacturer and all associated expectations from a reasonable customer vs. a more customised build per shop or customer request, and if the shop genuinely tinkered with that new mainstream bike to reduce the stack height before you bought it and b) if the fork on your bike was different to the one specced by manufacturer or the one originally described & represented to you
  11. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Wow...these guys are really doing a number on you. Time to get firm! Write them a letter..

    Their response is bullshit.
  12. Jpez

    Jpez Likes Dirt

    I see you are in Melbourne. this shop doesn't reside in Brunswick by any chance?
  13. Art Vanderlay

    Art Vanderlay Hourly daily

    Bike make and model? Can at least compare to spec sheets (if it is a brand new bike).
  14. Mywifesirrational

    Mywifesirrational Eats Squid

    It sounds like you may have also had some interesting dealings with a certain shop?

    I had a few issues that resulting needing to contact the importer with a WTF about the whole issue.
  15. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    I'd say there's a number of us that have had iffy experiences with a certain Brunswick store... :bowl:
  16. waldog

    waldog Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Very curious about which store we're speaking of.

    Does it have a solid colour shop front?
  17. Knuckles

    Knuckles Burner

    Your large hill.

  18. Flow-Rider

    Flow-Rider Eats Squid

    You have to remind fuckwitts how to do everything these days, we take good trades people for granted.

    I would pull the, they've sold you a bike that doesn't fit you, therefore it's not fit for the purpose you purchased it. You are tall and it gives you severe back pain. At the least they may supply you with taller bars of some sort.
  19. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    The solution is simple...this shop just needs to fit the correct forks and facilitate the appropriate stack height. They may or may not also owe some other bits and genuinely sounds like they have jammed some shit bits off another bike on this frame. Someone from the shop probably has the plums on their own bike.
  20. aanon

    aanon Likes Dirt

    That doesn't sound right, I am thinking they are way out of order, get firm with them and if they fob you off let them know you will take it to the relevant people (whoever they may be, consumer affairs, fair trading, steer tube ombudsman ?) and lodge a formal complaint. I think some of these places should be named and shamed, we spread good words when they do good work so . . . . . . . .

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