New Brisbane rider on a 26er


Cannon Fodder

I got into MTB a few months ago. Rode a friends spare hardtail a couple of times and decided to get my own bike. Wasn't ready to invest thousands just to ride around in the bush, so I found one of these old Marins for $700 in good nick. Suits me just fine, goes down hill fast which is all I really care about. With the suspension its got and the 20kg weight, it's good exercise going uphill. I mostly ride in Bunya as its the closest, and try to avoid anything that's too flat or has ups that are longer than the downs.


Mr Crudley

Eats Squid
Well done, you don't have to spend zillions to have a good time. It helps but sure isn't needed. Those Marins do look great but I have to agree climbing with a 20kg bike must build character.

Get out and enjoy it. Learn a bit about bike maintenance and you become a bit self sufficient and have some idea how to get it going again if something goes splat while you are out messing around in the bush.

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