Night rides - Sydney area


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Damnit missed the last post, been hectic at work and haven't even check the forums really since... work, sleep, work, sleep, repeat

I am looking at a helmet light now, I've been told its a necessity to have both (most safe). You don't realise how much you turn your head continually whilst riding so to have a good bar light (already have) and one for helmet to see ahead around corners etc.

I'd also be keen on belrose pump/bmx track (is it lit up on some nights?). Anything to get me out and more fit, riding once a week is cool and all but if i can get a second ride in during the week that would be awesome.

Need a good way of communicating night rides outside the forum as unfortunately a lot of people who would frequent forums have moved onto facebook groups/whatsapp groups etc. All my rides are organised via facebook or whatsapp.