Niner horror show air 9 rdo

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  1. JOSHY7

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    Niner all round horror show new air 9 rdo
    Just in case anyone is thinking of upgrading there beloved air9rdo to the latest and not so greatest model maybe think twice.

    In May I excitedly attempted to upgrade my trusty air 9 to the latest air 9 rdo model. I'd been super happy with the old rig. Never let me down, fun to ride, fun to race etc etc. good times!

    Any how the old girl was tired I'd glued the brake bosses in 3 or 4 times the the bb shell was also starting to delaminate so it was definitely time for an upgrade. I went to my local bike shop to drop a cool $3000 on the frame set - yes they are overpriced here in Australia but hey the last frame rocked and 4 years of trouble free riding is worth a few extra bucks.
    Unfortunately the former niner distributor no longer had access to the new frames so my LBS couldn't get me one.

    I contacted niner direct and Brian at niner bikes gave me a phone number of a shop in Melbourne who could get me a frame. ( interestingly the shop is owned by the former distibutor who could no longer supply frames) so I dropped a $600 deposit and was told about 3 days I'd have my new frame awesome.

    Anyway 3 days went by then 6 then 14 then 20 and I called the shop only to be told they didn't know where the frame was they also didn't know if niner had sent the frame and they didn't know why the tracking number wasn't working. I waited for another 10 days but still couldn't get an answer out of the bike shop or out of Brian at niner bikes In the US as to where my frame was or if it had even been sent! I cancelled my order with the shop and they refunded my money.

    So one month into the ordeal and still without a new frame to hang my new xtr group set, twe carbon wheels and fox 32 step sat forks on. I decided to try niner in newzeeland for a frame. Come on it's only 3hours flight away how hard could it be?

    Rang up niner newzeeland told them the dramas I'd been having they said they had some frames in stock so I paid them 3000 bucks and they shipped a frame Over about 5 days later, sweet as bro.

    And it was sweet for about 50km until the chainstay broke (quality of the frames will be another post with pics) so sent niner New Zealand some pics of the frame broken and they replaced under warranty I received this frame about 2 weeks later.

    Picked up the replacement frame from the postoffice opened the box to find a pre cracked chainstay - I guess that save you the trouble of assembling the frame and having to ride it to break it. Interestingly the chainstay was broken in exactly the same place as the previous frame.

    I Contacted niner newzeeland again and sent some pics, 3 or 4 days later got a reply to be told I'd have to wait 6 weeks for a replacement as niner was out of stock.

    So by now I'm about 10 weeks in to this saga $3000 lighter in the pocket have no bike to speak of for the effort and told I only have to wait another 6 weeks for a frame that in all probability will be just as rubbish as the last 2.

    I politely ask niner newzeeland for a refund as I'm just gona buy a frame elsewhere as my mental health can't deal with anymore of this. To which the reply was sorry can't refund it's our policy.

    Hmmm nice policy. Unfortunately consumer law in newzeeland, Australia and probably most western countries does not align with the policy of niner newzeeland. I find it really annoying to have to point this out as it would be just good customer service to refund the money if you can't supply. I also contact Brian in the US explaining the situation who sends me back a email stating niner newzeeland is indeed following company policy. Rrrrrrr.

    I then get an email asking me to take the frame back to the post office for an inspection so niner newzeeland can claim the insurance and get there money back on the broken frame.

    I think that's great I'm gona take time out of my day to make sure that niner newzeeland aren't out of pocket because of this last broken frame.
    Maybe not.
    However I did email them and say if they agree to the refund I will return the frame to the post office for inspection. About a week later and further emails from me pointing out the rights consumers have to a refund for damaged and unusable products they finally agree to refund me if I return the frame for inspection.

    I took the frame back over a week ago and still no refund!

    Just be careful guys I don't know if I'll ever see that money again it's been a horrible experience and when I cut the bottom bracket out of the first frame to claim my warranty it was pretty alarming how poor the carbon had been laid up but that's a post for another day.

    I've ended up buying a Cannondale fsi to race on at least the dealer is close buy has plenty of stock and cut me a good deal after I cried on his shoulder for about 20mins.

    Niner damm it
  2. 99_FGT

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    Wow. Just wow. Still amazed at the ignorance of some people about consumer law. Suspect most of it is deliberate

    Does that mean Rowney is no longer importing niner? Been waiting for a response on the jet9, might explain why.

    Hope your cannondale experience is better...

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  3. ozzybmx

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    What a joke ! Hope you get your cash back soon. They wonder why we buy from overseas...
  4. hifiandmtb

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    NZ is overseas...

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  5. JTmofo

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    You are correct..... maybe there's a reason why he dropped Niner ?!....

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  6. schred

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    Pretty sure Aus consumer law isn't enforceable in NZ, but good luck with it all regardless. And nice first post!
  7. johnny

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    I was considering a Niner too.

  8. Miguel75

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    Not cool mate. Hope it all comes good sooner rather than later.
  9. ctguru

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    Yeah, just looked at the Niner website and it doesn't list Rowney as a distro
  10. ozzybmx

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    What ? They have a better Aussie accent than the Aussies :)

    When I say overseas, I mean overseas prices, not the same gouged corner of the planet.
  11. dynamitedread

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    I take it you used a Visa/MasterCard?. Can you place a vendor dispute with your card provider to get you hard earned cash back. I just did this with a dodgy IPhone deal from overseas company.
  12. ForkinGreat

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    This. definitely worth a go.
  13. T.3

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    That sucks, have they changed where or how they manufacture? Good way to crush brand loyalty.
  14. JOSHY7

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    Thanks guys

    I did check out the consumer law in New Zeeland and Niner are in breach of NZ law.

    Its so painful to have to point this out to them in order to get my money back. If your product fails ( repeatedly) and you've taken someones money for a product that is not usable you have to refund - pretty simple, but why make it hard for the purchaser.

    I have started a claim through visa to get my money that way, Its like I've bought a bike of Alibaba or some other depth of the internet.
    - i'm probably doing Alibaba a disservice there.

    I own a business myself and are blown away by companies like niner who just don't have any kind of act Pre or post sale.
    How they expect to keep customers or get return customers is beyond me. If they want brand loyalty they could show the tiniest bit of customer loyalty at least to the extent they have to under the law.

    And don't get me started on quality control!

    Im now gonna be more careful with the brands i choose and try to stick with companies who have product available locally and can backup there warranty with replacements in a timely fashion.

    After all I just want to enjoy riding my bike not chasing dodgy companies for money or product.
  15. rowdyflat

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    Main thing is DONT give up.
    They are breaching their laws esp sending a cracked frame .
  16. pharmaboy

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    Maybe it's the opposite. It's because of the consumer protection laws and general regulation that things are so expensive in Australia which motivates us to buy overseas?

    Call me cynical , but a first post which is a complaint and reproduced over at Mtbr is a very one sided affair.
  17. pharmaboy

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    Why the assumption the frame was sent cracked? Surely it's more likely it broke in transit? Well, somewhere between China and us, then us to nz, then nz to Aus - fair few trips there
  18. ChrisJC

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    Contact your credit card company (if that's how you paid) and lodge a claim. CC companies are pretty intolerant of dodgy dealers and given your experience I doubt you'd have any trouble having the transaction reversed.
  19. creaky

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    What do they generally need from you in terms of supporting evidence e.g. affidavit, correspondence etc. or do they just take the customer's word ?
  20. ChrisJC

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    I claimed against Bike Discount DE last year as my order was repackaged by Australia post after the box was water damaged and only 1 of 7 items were in the box, despite some dumbarse from Auspost signing off stating all items were accounted for. Bike Disc kept fobbing me off saying we need to wait for DHL blah blah blah. This went on for about 6 weeks before I contacted MasterCard. MasterCard wanted copies of correspondence (of which there was plenty) and within a few weeks they reversed the transaction. From memory there were a few emails between MasterCard and myself and I sent everything I had. They advised that the retailer has the right to appeal but unless they have a very strong case, they have no hope of having it overturned.

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