No hitch mount on car?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Nautonier, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Nautonier

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    I'm wanting to purchase a bike rack I've found that is 'hitch mount' only. Strangely, my car has a towball mount, but does not have the 2" x 2" hitch mount - the towball tongue bolts straight onto the chassis:


    Has anyone else had this problem and is there an adapter, which is essentially a hitch mount that uses the same 2 bolts to attach to the chassis? I've googled the hell out of it and come up with nothing. Most of the regular set-ups on my model car have the towball tongue going into a hitch mount mount. I'll try Ford, but being an older model car I'm not holding my breath.
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  3. Nautonier

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    Thanks, that is exactly what I am looking for! Hopefully the price will still make it a most cost effective option than simply buying a (more expensive) towball mount rack.
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    Try They have all sorts of hitches.

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  6. goobags

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    ISI carrier had a bolt on option

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  7. moorey

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    So do Grip.

    Unrelated, just assembled my tilty 2+2 today. Awesome bit of kit. Review to come.
  8. Shredden

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    Bit of 50x50mm square section with two holes drilled in it and some bolts from bunnings? ;)
  9. Nautonier

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    Thought of that, not sure how load bearing it would be.

    Ended up getting a Grip Sport towball mount rack, found a 2 x Tilty on ebay for a good price.
  10. goobags

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    Not for the 2+2 tilty to my understanding but happily proven wrong. Looking forward to the review, I'm in the market for one or the other so keen to see a few more details.

    I'm in a similar boat with a 1.25" square receiver so will have to use a bolt on one anyway

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  11. moorey

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    No, not for the 4 bike AFAIK, but I'd always ring John. He knows where it's at.
  12. gcouyant

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    For the sake of completeness - The tow ball mount is actually a tow bar tongue mount designed to be installed onto any number of tongue configurations. Everything from the 90mm wide armed forces standard to the popular 75mm wide variety through to the emerging 65 and 60mm versions.

    This pivot base has adjustable stops to keep the carrier from turning about the tow bar in the event of an emergency turning manoeuvre.


    Supplied with a high tensile screw and nut assembly so that you don't have to deal with trying to tighten or loosen a round tow ball.

    The pivot base is a very tough component that is manufactured from laser cut 10mm thick Australian plate steel and designed to be smacked into the ground and dragged over rocks. It is the lowest point of the whole assembly directly behind the tow bar receiver.

    We also support the lighter duty 40mm receiver tube standard but for the sake of versatility for the future, move towards the above mount on that tow bar.

    Suitable for two and four bicycle carrier main beam assemblies that can then be swapped over to a forward pivoting trailer drawbar or rear mount or any other vehicle pivot base. They are all common mount points to pin the carrier to.


    Hope that helps.
  13. gcouyant

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    Goobags – I just read your other post…. Gold.

    Thank you very much for your purchase. We really appreciate it. I'm sure that you will be very pleased with your new bicycle carrier and will enjoy many years of adventure travel with it.

    FYI, with a 2” class 4 receiver tube that is now on your car you can swap to one of the modular high profile pivot bases if you like. Easy – and take advantage of the buy-back program if you like.


    No biggie though. In practice the significant difference is that the above pivot base delivers a more rigid connection to the vehicle chassis versus the tow bar manufacturer’s 1” thick tow bar tongue.

    Both are manufactured from laser cut 10mm thick Australian plate steel and designed to be smacked into the ground and dragged over rocks if you ever install it onto a 4x4 vehicle (well, one with a low range lever at least).

    Happy to help if you want. Just flick us an email and mention this post so that I or one of the sales staff will look after you. You’re family now.
  14. goobags

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    Yep fair old stuff up but all good.

    Thank for the offer but will politely decline. Highly likely either my next car my better half’s next car will have some different towbar set up so this gives me ultimate versatility as I’m certain this carrier will outlast multiple cars and multiple bikes. It’s build like a tank


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  15. gcouyant

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    Good stuff. The offer's always there goobags.

    For what it's worth, you can add more pivot base mounts and have them in each vehicle and trailer that you would like to travel with. Then pin the carrier assembly to any vehicle quickly and easily via the two gold coloured pivot pins in the image a couple of posts ago. Takes 20 seconds so you don't go looking for excuses. Particularly when you get home late on a Sunday evening all tired and emotional after a big weekend and need to pull the bikes and carrier off for the drive to work on Monday morning.

    Also, just on the loading configuration - it's hard to tell from the photograph so do you mind emailing us so that I can give you a couple of suggestions? We're looking for both bikes nice and tight together so that you don't have wheels poking out the sides. A bit like this animated gif.


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