NSW DH Ourimbah-practice day

mountain_bike man

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Number: 776.
kit: Blue Oneal jersey, white tld shinnies, blue 661 helmet, blue fox goggles and a neckbrace.
Riding: black and white giant glory dh1.
Cheers mate.


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Black TLD shorts, THE camo helmet, Red/black EVS neck brace, black jersey on sat, white one on sun. Glory DH1 number 624. Thanks mate. photos look good.


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Hey mate,
#905, blue helmet, white and blue edge cycles jersey, troy lee headline shorts, white shinnies, on a grey scott hardtail.
Thanks heaps
EDIT: Forgot email, tye_blamey40@hotmail.com
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Cloaked STP

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Hey Mate

Rider 215
Green Cove Shocker
Camo Helmet/White Goggles/Camo Jersey/Red and Black Pants

Thanks Mate.


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hey there
i was #761
i was wearing a blue/white troy lee jersey and black shorts, with a red/black troy lee helmet.
i was riding a light blue nicolai
cheers, kris


hey my numbers 766, black n white fox kit with red n black fox full face and a kawasaki green nicolai ufo

mad zac

hey mate

#804 and #737

09 Glory dh1 and 08 Glory dh0

#804 has a blue and white thor jersy and blue fox pants
#737 has a red thor jersy and gray and orange thor pants

cheers mate.

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Hi Mate, any photos of

GEAR: Fox shorts and a thor pinstripe jersey (sat) Erina Bikeworx jersey (sun)
BIKE:Trek session 88

Your teasers look great




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Hey mate, sweet shots... That whip looks sickkk. Im rider 125, black shift jersey, orange 661 helmet.. I only done 2 runs yesterday so I hope you got one of me.. Keep up the sweet shots.:cool:

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teh fast
Hi mate, nice pics!
did you happen to get any of number 2?
Specialized gear and blue Demo 8 bike.