NSW Enduro Series - Singletrack Mind


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well done fi and joe and scum on a great round 2 of the series and a big thanks to all the people that stopped to pick me up off the track after 2 heavy stakes and made certain I was ok before heading off them selves thanks guys for your help.



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I have to say that this would have to be the most polite race I have ever been in. Even teams which have not been known for their overtaking etiquette in the past showed how it should be done, with lots of please and thank you and waiting until the rider in front called them through.
A very friendly and fun atmosphere in the pits and on the course, a huge thank you to Chocolate foot, SCUM, SRAM, and anyone else that was there and I missed, a great day out.
The only downside is that a day like this makes me wanna get out and race more, when I was starting to get a bit over the whole endurance race thing......
More bike and toys required~!!!!!!


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I concur, a slick run event (bar the start ;)), and the best on course etiquette I've seen at a race for along time, it was nothing but pure fun to be out there cruising around on what was a fun and twisty course. Well done guys!


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What an incredibly friendly and relaxed race.

Once again Fi & Joe have put on another awesome event. Also, huge credit to the SCUM guys. Almost like each club is trying to outdo the previous and show all the visitors just how brilliant they are.

Congrats to my bike - thanks for putting up with me.
My support crew and friend that rode with me, so very proud of you.
Dreggsy for pushing me up and not off a hill. I think that would have to be a first


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What a great track...

I am very jealous of all that live and play close to Nowra!

Thanks for a great, well run event to all involved.


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thanks to all involved

What a great race - awesome track, good crowd, and as most have already said - so polite!

I had a ball.. though maybe a little too much fun on those jumps on that long descent out the back - snapped my rear triangle!

Looking forward to (getting a new bike and) the next chocolate foot!


I concur, a slick run event (bar the start ;)), and the best on course etiquette I've seen at a race for along time, it was nothing but pure fun to be out there cruising around on what was a fun and twisty course. Well done guys!
"cruising" i only just managed to get past you right near the end, id hate to c you going flat out :p


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2 from 2 choco foot,AWESOME!top track,great vibe and a great 8 hour battle with the sutho strugglers for 5th spot in the 3s,thanx boys.:D


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SpoonBoy's first lap...


Check out Mr Flower at about 1:12...


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What do you get when you combine a single speed friendly trail and eight hours? A whole bucket of fun. Round two of the Single Track Mind Series this month hosted by SCUM at their Coondoo location. Coondoo is one of my favourite trails, however I pre-rode the course on Saturday to sort out a few smooth lines through rocky sections that are normally ridden the opposing way. For this event Coondoo offered a variety of trail, from twisting sandy single-track to open hard packed fire-trail. With the special category this round being single-speed, it wasn't just the trail that was sociable, good natured and somewhat enjoyable, it was is if every rider had that identifying nature about them.

Well done to the SCUM crew that volenteered and made it the hit it has become.

Could someone let me know how the other half of the race went, I seemed only to see one rider of the pairs, weird...

See all the words at http//:mcrummy.blogspot.com


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He's not known as the Scary Bald Man for nothing. He's spent too much time off the bike recently, a few years ago he would have landed that flip :eek:
I'm just surprised that he wasn't out for a lap dragging the baby trailer... perhaps this could be a special category for one the later Choccy Foot rounds :)

Mr Pants

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Nope, we're just using the Yeow Toob. Can you watch YT embedded in FB? Otherwise you'll have to wait until you get home and use your work time for ahhh.... what's it called again... ah working ;)

That's your back in the thumbnail/1st shot if you hadn't already recognised it!

Talking of stylee, Josh Carlson pulled the 2 fastest laps of the day again and did it in style

Philip Learned whips it!

Big props to Kel Hockey from SCUM for the brilliant images.


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Kel took about 12 gig of photos during the day.

I think he should have every one covered:)

Good to hear the feedback on how everyone liked the track.

Nice stack on the log. I have seen people go over the bars when the track is running the other way, but never that way, and never that good.
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