Old Giro Remedy Question


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I have a Giro Remedy that was made 09/06. i bought it from Anaconda at the start of 2007. The box has a sticker on it to say it was distributed by Pacific Brands. I probably have the receipt somewhere. They were the hire helmets at Mt Buller that year.

This is I was planning to use it on some of the more scary Alpine Gravity Enduro trails. Problem is it has no Australian standards marking. It has a Bell Sports warning label, a size label and one that says "For competition use only".

From what I read no Australian standards mark, no insurance from MTBA. Does this mean I should use this one as a flower pot and buy another one?

It was $300 and it's only had a few runs (i'm a chicken) so i am open to suggestions and miracles.


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The Giro Remedy is apparently Australian Standard Approved to AS/NZ 2063 according to a couple websites advertising them..

Id email/write/call to Giro and ask for the document stating its compliance. As long as you have this certificate you should be ok I'm assuming, although obviously a new helmet with the sticker is always going to be better, and then they have nothing to argue about.

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