One mtb an e-mtb?


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Egg-zachery FB !
I haven’t been able to ride for a couple of weeks due to an operation on my hand - it’s nearly ready to ride !

Can not Wait .


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The main reason I want it is due to the hills. I generally ride for about 1.5 hours and in that time only get 2 downhill runs.
This is what I use mine for, but I generally ride solo. For getting out for a quick blast after work and getting in 4+ DH runs it is amazing.
Its very steep where I live/ride, if the tracks were relatively flat or I rode in a group with normal bikes I don't think I would own one.

At this stage I'd go for an E-bike and a decent older/cheap regular MTB for the (rare) times I'm not on the e-bike.

Unfortunately I bought a brand new trance in 2018 which is not getting any use with the Ebike in the shed (and isn't really worth selling).


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Resurrecting thread as new to the ebike game. Been wanting to try one for a while as a replacement for my trailbike (moto) which I loved but simply didn't have time to use.

Did a demo day and thought "these are better than I expected". Then I hired one and did a ride and explored a bunch of trails that I've always wondered what was over the hill. Wouldn't do it on a regular bike in case they sucked and I'd lose time riding trails I know I like.

Long story short - those trails would have sucked on a regular bike, but on the eMTB I had a ball exploring and found a whole bunch of new trails that ran off them. I find I'm using the bike for a quick squirt at lunch to blow off steam and as another mentioned above, as more of an adventure bike to explore.

Would I have it as one bike? I don't think so. I'm intending on using it to commute on as well when that time comes, but I think I'll always have a regular bike in the stable. I am now regretting having a boutique bike sitting there though, I'd be happy having a well spec'd bike from a mainstream manufacturer given I'm likely to ride the analogue MTB about 1 in every 4 rides.


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Thats excellent !
As an aside - i 'feel ; they are not the best commuters - a commuter bike will go quicker over flatter terrain - its the hills that are eaten on an e-bike .

Case in point - i have a flattish ride i do some nights - bike is approx 10 mins quicker over 20km
- compared to my Fat Bike - so a fair comparison ? hahahaha
Ebike av speed 24kl/h
Fatty 17.4 klm/h
But I'm gonna test the theory with a gravel roady thing

Enjoy the ride - I still think mine is one of the best things I've ever bought !


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Yeah, I traded the road bike in during the COVID crisis as I figured there’s a few months I won’t need it as the commuter! The eMTB also means that should I have time I can go ‘the back way’ and go through the forest to get my dirt fix in.

I’m not too worried if it’s not a great commuter, I’ll buy a gravel bike when things return to normal so I can do road rides and the commute, hoping that will be a jack of all trades.