Orange Alpine

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by frenchman, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. frenchman

    frenchman Eats cheese. Sells crack.

    Picked up an Alpine from the ex Dirt team in UK.

    Looking to replace bars with some alloy Funn and the rims soonish after the 521s took a couple of dings :wacko: Need some black xt cranks as well :rockon:



    Cockpit: Renthal carbon + Thomson 50mm SDG + KS Lev
    Brakes: XTR M9020 levers + M755 calipers + Goodridge hoses
    Drivetrain: 9Speed XT + XO shifter + XT cranks + E13 guide + Burgtec Pedals
    Wheels: Hope + Mavic EN521 Maxxis Rubber
  2. TheAzza

    TheAzza Likes Dirt

    That thing looks tough as. Well done.
  3. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    I guess I love it....
  4. single-pivot

    single-pivot Likes Dirt


    Thumbs up from me
  5. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Old school die hard on the 755 calipers and 9sp? Clutched derailleurs are a must on oranges to avoid the classic rattles. Still love it. You should sell it to me cheap.
  6. droenn

    droenn Likes Dirt

    Nice garry
  7. RYDA

    RYDA Likes Bikes and Dirt

    10/10 would ride. Cya round mate!
  8. frenchman

    frenchman Eats cheese. Sells crack.

    Thanks everyone!
    It's a pretty fun ride. You can get a bit more rowdy and case bigger jumps in comparison to the five.

    Brakes are still going well. And I'd run an xo 9spd if I could find the sram derailleur. I never have the clutch on any of the bikes with a full guide. I'll get 11 speed when I move to somewhere with hills. It'd probably be cracked if I were to sell it. :smokin:
  9. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    My alpine does like getting more rowdy than my Five....however, I'm 90% sold on taking the Five on the TransNZ this year. Climbs and pedals so much better, and I think I'm generally faster on it on the descents....on most sections. Have just bought another Five frame. Looking forward to getting it. :woot:
  10. clockworked

    clockworked Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nice lookin' bike! How much does it weigh?
  11. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    14.1 tubeless, or 14.4 tubed, I say.
  12. frenchman

    frenchman Eats cheese. Sells crack.

    I'm not too sure. Mid 14 to mid 15's at a guess. I'll look to swap out the tyres for the double down maxxis due a few holes tearing through the canvas :wacko:
  13. rtd

    rtd Likes Dirt

    Have you got like 12 oranges in your shed now? How many are cracked :p?

    Looks good Frenchy, looks fast.

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