Ourimbah DH clubby 20/6/10 by NBT

Big Galapa

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they are some amazing shots you got there
if you got any of me that would be great
trek session 88 2010 with black 2010 boxxers
red helm,red goggles, blue jersey with white shorts
if you have any could you please email to speedyboy34@hotmail.com
thanks mate much appreciated


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hey neil,
will the photos you took from round #1 at ourimbah be going on your website.
Sick shots as usual.


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Hey Neil, great shots as usual, the fisheye ones look especially awesome.

If you got any of me i'd be pretty stoked, i was:
705, on a white Mongoose with a red flano with white thor armor over the top.
Email is ben_gonzy@hotmail.com

Cheers, Ben
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hey neil,

awesome shots as always.

you showed me a couple of the shots you got of me, aswell as that one you got before i crashed haha.

but if you could send them to me that would be great.

i was rider 711, giant glory 00, green/white/black kit and a red helmet.

thanks, louie.

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Sebastien DEUBEL

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Hi Neil,

It is great to see our DEUBEL enduro prototype, handmade in AUSTRALIA, in action for the first time !
Your photos are fantastic ! Could you be so kind to email us all the photos you have of riders #22 & #311. We were wearing orange/yellow Deubel jerseys. Our Deubel prototype frame is silver.

Thanks a lot ! Sebastien.


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great pics. thats heapd for taking pics of everyone.
btw i was the kid who was on the tbsm bus who also spoke to u in maccas after the race

if there are anymore of me. could u pls send them to mackenzie.baker@student.tsc.nsw.edu.au
that would be greatly apreciated if your not too busy, i dont want to distract u from work. u also told me that you were making a website.
rider 713
ironhorse sunday team x green silver
red tld helmet, black tld jersey, white black shorts, black shoes, leatt brace

thanks heaps, wish my dad would take pics of me riding
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Atlair 111

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Great photo of me Neil. Thanks heaps.
If you've got anymore send them to xxaltair111xx@gmail.com
I was wearing a white monster t-shirt with black tld shorts. Also wearing Leatt neckbrace.
Riding a brown iron horse Sunday with fox 40's
Cheers Byron


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Hey Neil,
Great shots as usual, is there any more of #14, and did you get any of #502, on the gold goose, wearing a red/white shirt and black/white shorts.
If so can you email them to ccconnolly_34@msn.com
Many Thanks


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hey sweet pics!!!

correct me if im wrong but in the 2nd photo of alien hummper, does he have his goggles upside down, just something i noticsed haha


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Hey Neil
I didn't get to see you at lithgow but I am sure you were there somewhere, taking awesome shots as usual?
What is your new photo website name.


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hey sweet pics!!!

correct me if im wrong but in the 2nd photo of alien hummper, does he have his goggles upside down, just something i noticsed haha
yes, yes he does. it was only for the photo though… its just him and his wierd humping ways.