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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by asambell, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    I'm currently in the phase of upgrading my ride, from my beloved Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 26". After suffering an ACL rupture (currently at a month post surgery), I've had a lot of time to research and check out all of the bike porn out there. There are three bikes that stand out to me and I would love some advice from some of you who've had experience with them. I ride mostly single trail stuff broken down like this:
    Lysterfield - 25%
    Arthur's Seat - 50%
    You Yangs - 15%
    Mt Buller (Epic) - 10%

    I love the descents on all of the above mentioned, more than the XC/flatter stuff. To me, they're just a means to an end. I'm mostly ride anywhere from 10km to 25km, love technical descents, 2-3 feet drop offs, small tabletop jumps, rocky descents at speed. This bike is something to help my progression / confidence to take my riding to the next level. Specs on bikes don't bother me so much from off the shelf, as I'm more than willing to adapt to my liking once purchased.
    The bikes that stand out are as follows:

    Trek Remedy 9.7 2018 27.5
    - 150mm f/r travel
    - mino link
    - boost f/r
    - full floater
    - Local bike shop
    - Too common?

    Scott Genius 720/920 2018
    - 150mm f/r
    - boost f/r
    - ability to use both 27.5 & 29 inch wheels without changing the forks
    - lightweight
    - lockout/descend/traction Twinloc lever
    - Local bike shop
    - more common

    Canyon Strive CF 8.0 Race 27.5
    - 160mm f/r
    - Shapeshifter
    - Price
    - Great specs
    - Overseas, though there's a Melbourne service centre
    - less common, sweet design

    Your thoughts would greatly assist in this process. Of course I'd love to be able to test each bike on the trails that I most commonly ride, but this would be near impossible.

    Cheers in advance.
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  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    You're already running 26, why would you down grade?
  3. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Yeah, I know what you mean. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's probably more about spending more time on the bike. But I do think a newer bike would help progression of skills and confidence. Happy to be proven wrong.
  4. Misplaced

    Misplaced Formerly Unfit

    I vote Canyon based on your preferred riding and location mix. The shapeshifter is pretty good for that 'between the fun bits' commute you mention.
  5. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Short and sweet, cheers.
  6. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    My son has a Canyon Strive (6.0 Race) and he loves it. And it climbs like it's got a motor, if that helps the decision any.
  7. swaz

    swaz Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Another vote for the strive
  8. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    That's not all the bike....little shit.

    Canyon is hard to go past though....except for maybe a well priced spitfire with 160mm forks.
  9. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    Yeah, I know.
  10. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    You'll notice I also mentioned the spitty though...if an 11yo on one can kick many grown ups arses up the hill, it MUST be the bike. I think mines faulty.
  11. The Duckmeister

    The Duckmeister Eats Squid

    Noting your location and riding areas, I can tell you the main guys in the local Canyon office are very local. I haven't ridden one, but observed in action the Strive, and the Shapeshifter is a pretty funky bit of kit which really boosts the versatility of the bike. Another tip for the Canyon.
  12. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Cheers. Climbing is a realistic part, and sometimes the majority of a ride, so definitely needs to be considered.
  13. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Greatly appreciate it.
  14. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Will take a look at the Spitty, but I know what you mean. Definitely need to get the time on the bike before we start stating that it MUST be the bike.
  15. padams10003

    padams10003 Likes Bikes

    I've got a strive and the shapeshifter really does make it 2 bikes in one. Comfortable on multi hour cross country rides and then pretty capable on just about any downhill track.

    Couldn't recommend it more!
  16. Tubbsy

    Tubbsy Likes Dirt

    Commencal Meta 4.2?
  17. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    Cheers. I'm curious if anyone has had any issues with the Shapeshifter? Interesting piece of equipment.
  18. asambell

    asambell Likes Dirt

    I think it has too much travel for what I'd use. Thanks though.
  19. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Local guy did. Would change modes at the wrong times. I believe he sorted it though.
  20. lindz1817

    lindz1817 Likes Dirt

    I chatted to a bloke with a strive at a trail head. He said he had an issue with his shapeshifter where it would change at weird times. He contacted canyon and they sent him a new unit no questions asked along with instructions for installation. They said if he's not comfortable installing it, take it to a lbs and they'll reimburse him the installation cost. Pretty impressive after sales support.

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