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Discussion in 'BMX / 20 Inch' started by melbourne rider, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. melbourne rider

    melbourne rider The Select Phew

    this would get lost very quickly in the post your ride section.
    so admins and mods can it please stay in here?

    thanks, andrew

    so yeah everyone post up you 20"s
    and specs if your not too lazy.
    mines just a hoffman rythm pl1 ( mostly stck at the moment )
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  2. norcotim

    norcotim Likes Dirt

    my new ride just painted it and whacked it together with a couple of old spares and new parts,

    frame:gt fueler 05 model
    fork:fit bike slow series fork with out the stickers
    rims:some random front rim and a sun big city on formula back rim
    cranks: cr'mo one peice cranks and a old fly 36 sprocket
    and most of the other stuff is fairly just random parts.

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  3. 2 smooth 4 u

    2 smooth 4 u Banned

    this is my beast
    -volume deathwish midknight blue 20.6tt
    -volume featherweight forks
    -demo wheelset wit 14mm rerar 10mm front
    -demo sealed pedals
    -s and m slam bars
    -edwin delorosa grips(soo good)
    -odyssey eveolver with demo cable and odyssey m2 small leaver painted white

    rides so well and id heaps lite sorry about pics they are off my phone cause my camera broke

  4. shmeado

    shmeado Likes Dirt

    Heres mine...

  5. Tristan23

    Tristan23 Farkin guerilla

    Here's mine...he he he...(its shit as you can see:D )

    -1998 Mongoose Villain all stickers..GONE.
    -Fully custom mum's skirt + duct tape seat
    -Spray painted bars, forks, cranks
    -A lazy sunday afternoon hack job on the bars
    -No form of braking actually attached to the bike
    -Grips off my little sister's heapa..sorry bout that:(

    Just out of curiosity, Samuel, how much does yours weigh? It is nice...
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  6. roasted

    roasted Likes Bikes and Dirt


    excuse the shit pic.

    hoffman rhythm PL1
    fit bars
    fit seat
    fit post
    BiLT pedals
    Sewer camo paint
    31-11 gearing (fast as, tree sprocket)
    Dual comets in pic, now animal tyres. newish wheels soon.
    Elementary stem with Watson Wedgie
  7. bmx

    bmx Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Norco Devient Frame 06 (now cracked and gonna send it back for warrenty)
    Odyssey 41 Thermals
    Profile Hubs with Sun Chinook Rims (waiting on rear 14mm and 10t driver)
    McNeil Lighter Bars
    Those wicked Primo grips with the lady pattern
    Odyssey Evolvers
    Gay Snafu 39 (waiting for rear driver to put Vermont 25)
    Odyssey Path, Primo Wall tyres
    Jim C Pedals

    waiting upgrades;
    -profile 10t driver
    -25t vermont sprocket
    -primo balance 7000 rims
    -powerbite cranks

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  8. taylor-91

    taylor-91 Likes Dirt

    full spec:
    Frame:06 dragonfly kater 21.05tt
    Rims:hazard lites with hazard hubs
    Driver: Odyssey 1piece 11t
    Fork: odyssey pro dirt fork
    Cranks: primo hollowbites 175mm
    Bars:S&M slams
    Stem:animal front loader
    Headset:dh pig pro sealed
    Seat:demolition f1
    Seat post: demolition johnson
    Brakes:fly brakes
    Cable: odyssey linear slic limited ed purple
    Lever: odyssey monolever
    Grips: odyssey gary young
    Pedals:demolition sealed alloy
    Sprocket: profile 36t imperial chrome
    Tyres: FRONT 20x1.85 odyssey aitken REAR 20x1.90 odyssey path
    Chain: shadow conspiracy half link

    pics (updated pics on pg20)

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  9. Musgrove

    Musgrove Likes Dirt

    Here's my 05 Federal Hamilton Pro 19".

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  10. bmxmandan

    bmxmandan Banned

    2 week old pics but now i have an odessy dirt path 2.20" on the front:) . its an 06 Eastern Jane

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  11. .:jono:.

    .:jono:. Likes Dirt

  12. DYJK

    DYJK Likes Bikes and Dirt

    shadow seat, slams, hazard lites, wtp defcons, supaslick cable Wtp, Demolitions hubs, demo cranks, Mankind Sprocket, naturally maxxis tyres!...!

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  13. Arete

    Arete Likes Dirt

    Premium Products 21"
    Kink OG forks
    Premium products front wheel
    Demolition anorexia rear
    Standard Sprocket
    Demolition F1 Stem
    Demolition Sealed pedals
    S&M mediumlites
    FSA Pig Pro

    Painted girly lavendar with a 7 buck spray can.

  14. enjoi

    enjoi Likes Bikes

    Where'd you get your inspiration for your colour choice mate? jk :p

    This is my BMX a few days after I repainted it, pic was taken a couple of months ago.

    new paint 003.jpg
  15. MUGEN

    MUGEN Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Dragonfly King St 20.8"
    Odyssey Race forks
    Ody. 41 thermal cranks
    Ody. JC unsealed
    Demolition rear
    Demo F1 Stem
    Norco bars :cool:
    Tektro brakes work sweetly

  16. trail_boss

    trail_boss Likes Bikes

  17. Anthony!

    Anthony! Likes Dirt

    frame: Avent Factor Pro XL
    fork: Bombshell Carbon Pro
    Cranks: FSA
    Bars: S&M Slam
    stem: Tuff Neck (customised)
    rims: Sun ryhno's
    hubs: tuff neck (rear casset)
    front sprocket: profile 44th
    pedals: shimano clipless
    seat: odyssey (snake skin)
    Brakes: Avid Single Digit
    Headset : cane creek







    Custom tuff Neck stem:


    In action:

  18. Randy Rhoads

    Randy Rhoads Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nice bike .:jono:. The Eastern bikes are sweet.

    Anthony! how many teeth does your sprocket have, its massive.
  19. Mr Sparkle

    Mr Sparkle Likes Dirt

    it's 44t, for racing
  20. shmeado

    shmeado Likes Dirt

    i still dont get why they have big sprockets for racing i would have thought it was just the ratio, or is it that u cant get racing hubs in small sizes...?

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