Pulse 02 reading and monitoring


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Ok so i am wanting to track my o2 levels in blood, even against stuff like heart rate
( lung injury etc )
plus when im riding my mountain bike ( i already do HR monitoring via a bike specific computer )

what would you recommend?
im quite happy to have a bluetooth device connected to an app on phone.
no i cant use a fingertip device,

or failing that a wearable device that will monitor and show both 02 levels and hr data over time

I hope this makes sense

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"Blood Ox is the oxygen saturation in the arteries and represents the oxygen supply. It is commonly measured using a fingertip pulse oximeter."

If you are looking to only monitor general health then a SP02 (fingertip) device is the way to go. If however, it's for training purposes, then one of the two above is where it's at.