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    Soooo, a few weeks back i was asking for feedback on a Stumpy 29er, nek minute, bought this! I've come off a 2011 Cube Stereo and honestly can't believe how much better the Norco rides. Technology has obviously come a long way, because this thing fu@ken rips! It does EVERYTHING better. Think I'll start a new thread soon (or search the archives to keep the peace) about getting the DB Inline dialed, as i just can't find the sweet spot. Anyway, I'm in love with this thing. [​IMG]

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  2. JTmofo

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    2 of my mates ride sight carbons. They are a very fun bike to ride.
    As for the db IL, check out the base tune on the CC website and also the forum. Heaps of info on there regarding tunes.

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    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    Fun is right! It practically begs you to ride harder/faster. It's a bit of a handful at times keeping it straight! One very small gripe so far, is the Guides are very "Off or on" nowhere near as much modulation as the XT's I've come from. I'm running the base/standard settings on the DB, but am finding while seated it bucks me out of the saddle at times, so not 100% sure how to rectify that so far. Apart from that, the shock feels great at the factory setting.
  4. JTmofo

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    Dial in some HSR damping. Only half a turn or so to start.
    The CCDB is an awesome shock but you gotta take the time to understand what each adjustment does. The CC tune app is also really good, it takes you on a step by step guide to tune it!

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    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    I'll try the HSR, I've been playing with the LSR with no luck. Yeah, that app seems awesome, just gotta put aside an arvo to play with it and get everything dialed in. Thanks for the info!
  6. Nautonier

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    I'm on the carbon Range with the CC DB CS and have come up with a slight variation on the (excellent) base settings from the CC lounge (website) that is totally working for me:

    HSC 1 turn
    LSC 3 clicks
    HSR 2 turns
    LSR 5 clicks

    Obviously this is a DB rather than inline, but having the LSR really fast and the HSR quite slow seems to work super well. I reckon HSC/LSC is more dependent on rider weight; I'm only 75kg kitted up, so running not that much - just enough to allow it to bottom on really big hits, but not on every run.

    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    It seems that HSC/LSC needs ROUGHLY double the rebound to be a nice setting? Might be a stupid question/comment, but im learning, and definitely no rocket scientist as it seems you need to be to get these things sorted. Im stalking around at 102kg, so my settings may be quite a bit different. Also, are the Inlines renowned for using all of the travel in general trail conditions?? I'm running 220psi, and the o ring is ALWAYS at the top of the travel, even with no big hits. Sag etc is spot on, BTW.
  8. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    You definitely shouldn't be using all of the travel in general trail conditions. At your weight you need to dial up the HSC and LSC quite a bit if you have the correct sag. I'd ramp up the HSC before you start taking up the LSC as too much LSC can make it a bit harsh.

    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    Sweet, I'll try upping the HSC next ride (tomorrow fortunately!) Should that sort the seated bucking?
  10. sukebe

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    I have the same bike, will hit 1 year ownership next week.

    I found the stock wheels and tyres heavy and sluggish, carbon rims (Nextie 26 ID) and lighter tyres made a huuuuge difference in acceleration out of corners and general "whippyness".

    Have had a real love hate relationship with the DBINLINE. It's been in 3 times under warranty but the last time got upgraded internals and is noticeably better. I found the stock tune great for bombing down fast sections with loads of chunk, but it tended to hug the trail and had no pop. It was also quite sluggish climbing. Volume reducers and slightly less sag helped here (I'm 92-95kg with gear). Also lots of fiddling with settings but I can't remember where my current settings are relative to the stock tune. Def worth sessioning a section of trail and follow the tuning guide to get it dialed. Main thing I found was to focus on one setting at a time and only make small adjustments.

    Very capable bike from pure XC riding (I've raced it XC!!) through to light enduro and anything in between. Mine was in its element in Derby a few weeks ago.
  11. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    Is the 'seated bucking' while you're climbing or descending or riding on the flat? Obviously you shouldn't be seated while descending. Ever. Unless you're an XC rider and have an aversion to dropper posts and a penchant for running the seat a mile high.

    Weird what you say about the brakes being on/off - I've got Guides as well and find the modulation about 10 times better than my old XTs. Perhaps you need to push the pistons back and let them re-settle? I had this problem once when I installed new pads; they suddenly had no lever throw and were totally grabby. I whipped the pads out and used some pliers to retract the pistons and once they pumped up again they were perfect.
  12. PLUGGA

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    Hahahaha! Def no lycra here! The bucking is while I'm seated on normal peddling trail areas. I might try pushing the pads back out, as backing into corners like Casey Stoner is cool for a while, but does get a little sketchy.
  13. golden path

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    Neat looking rig.
  14. Paulie_AU

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    Are you going through all the travel on big out of saddle hits or in saddle g outs?

    As for being kicked out of the saddle I would be increasing rebound damping.

    Settings are personal but I always run my forks with a heap of sag and rear with minimum recommended.
  15. RaID

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    Enjoy the Sight great bike.

    With the inline the key is to have the correct air pressure for your weight. Small difference of even 5 psi make a big difference and the shock feels like crap.

    My Carbon Sight DB Inline Settings FYI
    HSC 1.25
    LSC 5
    HSR 2.5
    LSR 10

    1 full air volume spacer
  16. PLUGGA

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    Yeah, it happens on out of saddle stuff, though not even big hits. I've recently upped the pressure to 220psi, which helped, but still blows through the travel. Having said that, it never tops out with a clunk etc, it's smooth and progressive to the feel. Im walking around at 102kg, so perhaps 105kg kitted. I usually set the psi off weight first, then set sag. Does that sound right to you?
  17. PLUGGA

    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    What psi would you recommend for 105kg kitted? I'm at 220psi now, and then i set sag accordingly. I've read a few reports that if you're a larger dude, the volume spacers could be a good idea.
  18. Paulie_AU

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    Yeah not sure mate. I have a trance with similar linkage design and am maybe 75 - 76kg loaded and run 185psi. I know Fox recommend weight in pounds for the rear shock as a starting point and I have since added pressure to 185 (made two tracks before stopping and jamming more in it from default). I run my front fork at 68 psi now (fox recommend weight in KG as starting point). I know it is different but on the fox factory I run middle setting on slow speed compression on back and a few clicks in on the front.

    I would anticipate maybe 60psi higher than me wouldn't be silly but def better getting some reference pressures from owners of the same bike and shock.
  19. PLUGGA

    PLUGGA Likes Dirt

    So, just got back from a razz. I put one full turn of HSC on it and it did the trick for the travel issue. However, it's chattering like a motherfu@ker now, so will take off half a turn and see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback Paulie_AU!
  20. JTmofo

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    Chatter in rock garden/chunder is low speed Rebound related, wind on some LSR Damping and see how you go.

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