Small form drink bottles for smaller frames


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Hi all,
So I’ve got my wife a new bike which is her first dually and is a small frame and her drink bottle is a really tight fit.
was wondering if anyone can suggest a good smaller formed drink bottle?
Alternately if I could get a bottle cage that sits a few cm’s lower on the frame would also work as there’s a fair bit of room between the bottom of the current cage and the rear shock.


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Went through this with my old Nomad, which had hardly any space for a bottle. I found the small Tacx bottles were a good fit (but pretty shitty bottles otherwise - really hard plastic spout, poor sealing) as was the new 600mL Podium.

A side-loading bottle cage makes a huge difference so the bottle just comes directly out to the side. I dremeled the screw slots on mine to be about 5mm longer to get the cage lower down and away from the shock reservoir.


i used wolf tooth bottle shift, it does help a 500ml bottle clear(ish) the shock on small 2016 spesh enduro
now moved to canyon eject hydration system with 2x 400ml bottles which fit better with a pump in the middle win

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We run these on all the bikes, Arundel sideloader/ other sideloader. Never lost a bottle.
There are other brands such as Bontrager and Specialized that do something similar


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Fidlock do a 450mm bottle/magnetic low profile mount. Not cheap but the only thing I could get on my wife's small Sight.