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El Mariachi
Item: 29ee Dvo Diamond non boost forks.
Condition: Good condition. A year of riding under me, but regularly serviced and new seals put in 4months ago. There is a mark on the stanchion, but it was a soft material rub so it is totally superficial.
Extra info: comes with spare damper bladder, dampener seal head and a bunch of spacers to adjust travel. Also the bolt on fender
Reason for sale: got a set of Ohlins coming!
Location: Hobart
Price: $500


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El Mariachi
Disapointment awaits....
GLWS, cheap set of forks shame they're 29 and non-boost id have bought them.
Care to elaborate? I've ridden dirt bikes and ohlins is the top of the pile there. I'd have thought simple mtb suspension would be a peice of cake for them


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The first series of RXF forks apparently had some issues.

The newer m.2 series are meant to be much improved. I think @frenchman was happy with his?


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It probably depends on what you didnt like about the diamond, Which out of the box is one of the plushest feeling forks on the market, eats up small bumps and the only real flaw is its ability to take consecutive big hits. Which is easily fixed with a quick shim stack mod.
I haven't ridden an ohlins but on paper kind of the opposite initial feel and a bit harder to setup.
Be interesting to hear your thoughts once you do some riding on it.