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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by eastie, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. johnny

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    *Clarification for non-service folk:

    The OP is a ponsey flyboy indulging in the pleasures of interservice shit-slinging against navy passers, much the way a Melbournite might towards a Sydneysider. His only fault is not understanding that without being army his little custardy arms are incapable of slinging shit without any credibility.
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  2. Calvin27

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    Haha I am flattered mate. Strange because within the vicinity of my work desk (where most of the RBing happens) I have 4 people who are keen scuba folks, one of them has some sort of commercial license (not work related). Maybe it rubs off.
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    I assumed SCUBA would be used but I saw divers on the news with rebreathers. I also saw the biggest O2 bottles I've ever seen.

    Fucked if I know what's going on. They should have just run a line for the divers to follow, hung plenty of kits on the line strapped the kids up and dragged them out. It would scare the kids shitless but it's gotta be better than sitting in a cave for yonks.
  4. mark22

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    Problem is choke points where gear and divers have to be separated to fit through all done in no viz, it's not that simple. Imagine doing this with children with no experience I would say a fair whack of recreational divers would panic=drowning.
    O2 cylinders maybe to pump through to chamber because according to the media 02 levels had fallen to 15% which doesn't sound right because we need 16% to live
  5. schred

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    Anyone know why they aren't coming in through the top e.g. chilean mine rescue? I'm struggling to be satisfied there aren't more options on the table (and constraints) than being put on the front pages, not conspiracy theory but presently seems overly simplified. Also can they actually stay there if the water rises? If there are cracks etc would that void would fill regardless?
  6. pink poodle

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    Something about the time and difficulty of getting the gear to drill into the caves on site I believe.

    I think we need a go pro run through the tunnels.

    Also highly likely some of the kids can't even swim. Nobody wants a dead kid jammed in the choke point.
  7. Shredden

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    I'd rather do almost anything other than cave diving. I'm not a claustrophobic person and not "irrationally" scared of much, but any time I'm in a crawl space and am wedged in with my arms at my sides and something pressing on my chest and back.. ohhh I don't like it one bit.
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  8. link1896

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    Most of my recreational scuba buddies freak at the though of going into a shipwreck during daylight, won't even touch a doorway and look in, and every cell in their bodies simultaneously says "fuck off" when I just talk cave diving. Cave diving is for a very special crazy person.

    Even with a full face mask on, though a pinch point where a rear mounted tank cannot be used, is no place for a kid with zero swimming abilities, but if it's the only option due to a lack of oxygen and or rising water levels.....

    Terrible circumstances. So easy for an arm chair commentator to speculate. There are a truck load of experts on the ground there now. Fingers crossed it's a great outcome.
  9. Chriso_29er

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    I did a bit of serious caving as a teen. I remember one moment were I thought I got stuck with a deep pinch drop below me. Worst experience of my life. Cant even imagine doing it under water! Hope all ends up well, I imagine its a very difficult situation.
  10. Mica

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    It’s a pretty different scenario to Chile as every inch of that place was well mapped and documented.

    With the lack of accurate mapping of the caves and not knowing where to drill plus no clear access above it’s not an easy option. Also not knowing the geology and rock structure raises a few problems of rock falls if they can even find the right place. You’d don’t want to drill through and drop the whole cave on their heads. I’ve read times of 3-10 days to drill through depending on equipment used

    Was a good article about it this morning which elaborated more but can’t find it now.
  11. schred

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    I get that and have subsequently read similar, maybe from an article with a miner. Hopefully they can formulate some good plans before a course of action is decided for them.
  12. schred

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    Looks like it's a good new story, I can drink to that.
  13. Dozer

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    Dunno why but the whole story sounds a bit odd to me, even so far as to suggest it's a political play by the people who want to get voted in again.
    In regards to the kids in the cave, the coach and the family and friends of the diver who died getting back out; I hope the prick thinking this initiation process for these kids to join some shitty club makes him serve jail time. Someone needs to take a fall for it, fucking hero blokes beating their chests being all macho totally shits me and more often than not it goes south and someone ends up looking the fool.
    I'm full of praise to all the people involved getting those kids out, what a horrible and hugely dangerous thing to undertake.
  14. pink poodle

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    This seems to have achieved a much better outcome than expected.
  15. Lazmo

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    Except for one guy
  16. pink poodle

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  17. mark22

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    Conspiracy theory ay. I think not. Best check under your bed just to be sure though.
  18. Nambra

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    So it's being reported on the news this morning that the kids were heavily sedated and semi-conscious during their transit out of the caves, obviously to avoid having them panic. Makes sense, but it probably made it that much harder for the rescue divers, having to manage a limp body through the journey.
  19. pink poodle

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    Limp body might be easier than a panic attack.
  20. Cardy George

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    There's a video floating around facebook showing them strapped into a basket similar to those used on the rescue choppers

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