SRAM's Wireless Eagle and Dropper


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Sounds expensive... cleaning off an AXS rear derailleur on a rock would reduce a man to tears.

Got XTR Di2 on my Evil and if I ever smashed the rear mech, I would probably go back to a cable setup.


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Good that it’s only DUB compatible. That’ll make 1,254% improvement on efficiency.
And make it -1234% more attractive to a cynical buying audience. Sram can eat a bag of dicks.

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Have you tried tweaking the multi-shift up to the "very fast" setting? It's almost too bloody fast, unless you're really, really on the ball and let go of the button fast enough it overshifts a couple of gears! (unless it runs out of gears first).

At the launch of road eTap a few years ago, I was told that SRAM deliberately slowed the shift speed due to the small independent batteries; it was necessary to give decent run time off a charge. The result was shithouse performance....... Di2 might still have wires, but it shits all over eTap in every other regard.
I have no doubt you know more about it than me, but.

In my experience, individual shifts are quick and clean. The process of holding the shift down for a second to change multiple gears would be a deal breaker on my mtb.

I bought this bike as it was a good deal at the time and was certainly curious about di2. Shifting works a treat on wide open roads, tight ST, I have my doubts


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Battery life would be my biggest concern. Until either sram or Shimano I come up with wireless shifting with a mini dyno in the jockey wheels to charge batteries I’ll stick with my Di2


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Pinion need to sort out trigger shift first.

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I was saying this over a year ago, but it seems now everyone has accepted it's a shortcoming o_O

As for AXS, definitely an interesting release. The lack of cables is pretty sexy but if there's any hint of lag then it's a no-go. Also still not keen on electronics on the MTB in general. Being in tech, sometimes it's nice to get away from it and not worry about another device to charge.

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interesting article on he use of axs or gravel, viewer reckons 1x for gravel will be almost a thing of he past, esp as people are chewing through chains/cassettes/ and users tend to go for 1 bike to do road/commute.gravel. though i still don’t see why people need something approaching a 50t for gravel, if i’m going that fast i’m generally on the brakes going down
gravel axs stats
he shows graphs showing which gear he was in the most, quite a nice plot but just shows you might as well SS in the 19t and save 2K on the groupset for other things


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just shows you might as well SS in the 19t and save 2K on the groupset for other things
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except the time spent in 19T is less than time spent in all the other gears combined.....obviously, like when i drive my car it mostly sits in 6th on the freeway, but i wouldnt get rid of the other 5 gears as it would basically suck everywhere else.