Stolen: WA. 2013 Yeti SB66


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When: April 21 between 19:30 and 20:30
Where: Taken from bike rack outside of the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre Mandurah WA
2 bike locks cut to remove bike from rack.

Bike description: 2013 Yeti SB66 Large frame in turquoise
Fork: Fox 36 Kashima coat
Rear Shock: Fox DHX with 400lb spring Kashima coat
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb hydraulic adjustable in black. Remote fitted on left side
Brakes: Avid Elixer
Wheels: DTSwissEX500 with SRAM X9 Hubs (Black rims with stickers intact)
Rear mech: SRAM X9
Cluster: SRAM 10 speed
Cranks: SRAM Black Box with 36 tooth NW chain ring
Saddle: Specialized Phenom in all black
Bars: Renthal FatBar in gold with JetBlack lockon grips
Stem: Renthal Black and Gold
Tyres: Specialized Eskar Control in 2.3
Pedals: Shimano SPD in black.

Bike was secured with 2 locks to a bike rack. I rarely train at this gym so the theft appears to be opportunistic. Unfortunately it turns out there is no CCTV in the area. Appears that the thief/thieves cut off the locks with a battery powered grinder.

Reported to Police and lodged claim with insurance company.

Have started trawling Ebay, Gumtree etc but unlikely that the culprits would be stupid enough to advertise the bike.

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Damn, sorry to hear about the theft.

We're the locks they cut through quite sturdy? Electric angle grinder would make a loud noise and attract attention.

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Hey buddy, here's a big hug to help you through this tough time. I know what it's like, and it isn't good. That bike is pretty sexy...Good luck solving the problem.




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UPDATE: I have my bike back!

Whilst waiting at Darwin Airport for a connecting flight, I decided to search FB marketplace as I have been pretty much every fortnight since April 2017 when the bike was stolen. My happy moment finally arrived when I viewed an ad that included pics and was written by a stereotypical meth head.
I contacted him via messenger, took a lot of screen shots of the FB add and our subsequent conversation whilst fantasising about the coroner using dental records to identify the bodies of him, his wife and three young children.
After calming down and regaining my perspective on the matter, I called the Police to update the report over the phone and then attended the Police Station the following day in Perth to give a statement.
Long story short, contacted the seller, exchanged phone numbers and then arranged a time for me to view the bike. I spoke to the Police again and they informed that the best course of action was for me to attend the guys house and try and remove the bike from the premises.
Met the guy at his place, asked to test ride the bike but was emphatic that I needed to ride ot on the street to run up/down the gears and test the brakes etc. Left my car on his driveway as 'security' then rode off. Called the Police and quoted the case number and explained that I was angry enough to return to the premises to inflict harm on him and his family with a nine iron and they had better come post haste.
The really good thing was that the Police just happened to be performing a traffic stop on an adjacent street with flashing lights on so I approached and explained my situation. They were aware of the job number, having been contacted by the Call Center. I rode back to his place with the Police driving behind me, my phone going off with a barrage of SMS from the seller asking where the fuck I was.
Police did the talking, the shit head provided some weak answers and the Police took some pics of the bike before helping me to load it into my car.
Said thanks to the Police and to the shit head for his FB ad before driving the bike to my friends place for safe keeping. Rather happy that my persistence with searching on eBay, Gumtree and FB finally paid off.
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UPDATE: I have my bike back!
... I spoke to the Police again and they informed that the best course of action was for me to attend the guys house and try and remove the bike from the premises. ...
What!? Do their job for them?
You: "Hey guys, here is all the evidence to prove it's stolen"
The fuzz: "Hmm you should probably try and take it back then"

Glad you got your bike back and in one piece too! Good job on keeping a cool head too haha


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You're one of the lucky ones to get their bike back, normally they go and never to be seen.

A friend of mine done the same thing but told the seller he needed to ring his dad first because he was borrowing the money from him to buy it. Instead of ringing his dad, he rang the local police station to which he had organised prior with them to show up if it was his bike but half an hour later instead of his Dad showing it was the police.


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UPDATE: Bike Stolen AGAIN..........

When: Sometime between January 28th and February 5th 2019.
Where: Storeroom from within an apartment complex in West Perth, WA
Item Description: The only difference from the above description is that the SPD's were swapped for Saint flats.

Thief compromised storeroom lock and stole my 2013 SB66 per the above description. Theft occured whilst I was away at work. Wife discovered the theft when she returned from overseas travel and went to use her road bike.

Police attended as there were multiple store rooms that were broken into. The thief or thieves failed to steal two road bikes that were also stored in the room along with helmets, tools and shoes etc.

The thief or thieves returned sometime within the following 48 hours after my wife discovered the theft and broke into several other store rooms and gained access to our storeroom again, only everything of value had been relocated to our apartment.

Be vigilant people and never assume that thieves are stupid people...this thief or thieves appear to be rat cunning judging by how they overcame the apartment security.