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Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by A.France, May 1, 2016.

  1. A.France

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    Hi I am getting back into mountain biking after a couple of years away and can't decide between two canyon bike the strive or the spectral. My main problem with deciding between the two is that I still have my old DH bike and I am not sure if the strive will make a good all round bit of everything bike with out encroaching on the big bike's territory to much. any suggestion would be appreciated
  2. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    All depends on what you want a bike for and where you want to ride it.
    Lots of people (including me) ride a bike with similar geo to the Strive for everything, a 1 bike for all so to speak.

    If I was looking for a bike to ride xc trails only, I wouldn't buy one. If I was looking to ride single track and AM then yes, I would.
  3. A.France

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    I need the bike to do a bit of everything with a focus on going down fast than up and since I live in Darwin where there aren't that many hill (planing to return south) the bike needs to be alright at riding flattish areas.
  4. BT180

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    The Strive goes downhill fast as is well known, but what surprised me most was how well it goes uphill and how well it handles twisty single track in XC mode. I've only had it a few weeks now but for me it's doing the 2-bikes in one thing quite well.

    But. If you plan on keeping the DH rig, then maybe the Spectral is more appropriate.
  5. mrjubei

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    I have the Spectral.. its a fantastic bike and very capable across the board. I agree with BT180, if you are keeping the DH rig then definitely Spectral. Both are great bikes and neither will cease to put a smile on your face..

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  6. has anyone ridden both ?
  7. JTmofo

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    Bump and a bit of a grave dig.
    Now the the SB6 is gone... I'm running a Spectral over and over.
    Anyone ridden both Strive and spectral?

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  8. aanon

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    Spectral would be on my list if I were in the market for a blitzing trail bike, luckily for me my Phantom does that job brilliantly.
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  9. Binaural

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    I've got a Strive and also find it excellent - the shapeshifter makes it a passable all-rounder for most of the trails you find around Sydney at least. That said, it has some turning limits in really tight stuff and is definitely stouter and softer than the Spectral. It makes a decent DH bike at a pinch, one which can be comfortably ridden back up a hill for more runs.
  10. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    Just pulled the trigger on a Spectral. Strive was just too close to SB6 for me to be comfortable with buying Un ridden.
    Spectral's geo (on paper) is exactly what I'm after....
    Pumped to get it...

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  11. BT180

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    Nice! Killer reviews floating around on the Spectral. You won't be disappointed.
  12. JimmyL

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    Strive or Spectral & Sizing??

    I'm also ready to pull the pin on a new bike and looking at the Spectral, Strive, & Pivot Switchblade.
    Just coming off an Intense Tracer Carbon 160/160 travel bike, I loved descending on it, but climbing even with it's 145mm adjustable rear pin it still felt like a pig to climb on.

    Anyone in a similar boat or have any suggestions?

    I also am not sure on size, i'm in between an M and L in Intense, L in lapierre zesty, L on specialized, M on Bronson...
    179cm tall, 83kg.

    Thanks heaps!
  13. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    I've just taken delivery of my new Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 Ex.
    Coming from a 160mm SB6, I hear ya from a climbing (and non-decending trail) perspective.

    I was chasing that sweet spot of ~67 Deg HA and 74 Deg SA as I reckon that's the go for 90% of the riding that I do.
    I already feel quicker on general, fast flowing single track, switchbacks and AM type trails as well as the climbing aspect. Not as much wandering with the slacker HA (65.5) on the Yeti.
    That said, the pedalling platform of the Yeti is better, and I have noticeably more pedal bob on the Spectral when chomping on the pedals.

    I can also definitely feel the difference in stability between the Spectral and the SB6 on rougher, more technical decents, but that's the 10% (or less) of my riding that suits the Yeti.
    Finish is not quite as good on the Canyon as the Yeti either, but for a factory mass produced frame that's 1/2 the price I wasn't expecting a boutique finish.

    As for sizing, I'm a solid Medium in everything. @173cm with a longer torso and shorter legs, the Canyon is more cramped than the Yeti. Saying that, the Yeti is a long Enduro bike. Canyon (with the shorter cockpit) is a lot more flickable and responsive to rider input.... and I'm really loving that.

    I'm surprised you say you're a medium on a SC, they're size up pretty small!

    Overall, I'm really happy with the Spectral. A little more time to get it set up and dialled in, I'm sure it'll have more to give.

    I cant comment on the Strive as I've never ridden one, but It does have the shapeshifter that can tighten everything up. I decided that I don't actually need a Enduro race bike to enjoy riding (having been thought that by riding my hardtail more).
    The Switchblade is also an interesting bike, but you're looking at a different price bracket in comparison to the Canyons (unless you go all out on the Team Race specs), and if I was spending that kind of money, I'd buy a Yeti SB5.5
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  14. Binaural

    Binaural Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I ride a Strive and love it, but there's no doubt that the front wheel likes to wander during technical climbing, even with the shapeshifter set in XC mode - this, more than the extra weight, would be the main annoyance. You would probably enjoy the Spectral more unless your definition of do it all includes a bit of light DH (mine does).

    Regarding sizing, Canyon actually bury recommended height ranges in some but not all of their specs if you look closely. In the race geo, you'd be exactly on the boundary between M and L. My personal experience is that they shade a little small by a couple of cm in their size range, so a large would be my recommendation.
  15. Binaural

    Binaural Likes Bikes and Dirt

    If you're in Melbourne, I believe the Canyon guys there do test rides - I just bought the largest size I could, so not fussed. I am not sure what the arrangement is in other places.
  16. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    If the Spectral doesn't feel as crisp when pedalling & less stable when bombing downhill, why do you think the Spectral ends up being quicker (genuine question)?
  17. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    Genuine answer.

    It's less work on the climbs as it doesn't wander, has as much traction on loose uphill sections, has was more pop (more flickable) on technical rocky and rooty pinches and in switchbacks, confidently turns in and grips on single track flow sections.

    I only notice a less "efficient" pedal with more bob on tedious grinding climbs were you want each pedal stoke to count (climb switch helps) and it's more twitchy on faster downhill sections. There is no doubt that the Yeti linkage is a better platform, but that doesn't equate a faster bike overall. I'm sure an SB5 (with similar geo to the Spectral) would be quicker than an SB6 for the riding I do.

    For the majority of my Sydney riding, the Spectral will be a faster bike for me for sure. I've already (2 rides in) smashed PB's on some of my local trails that I've ridden in anger. Still with only 2 rides down, there's a lot of tinkering with set up to do.
  18. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    Is the Spectral lighter too?

    And when you say confidently turns & grips on ST, was the SB6 not so confidence-inspiring? I assume it gripped, but you just couldn't chuck it I love to do on my HT:

    I just like to hear about back-to-back testing, isolated opinions (like we all give!) have little context.
  19. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    I'll always give an honest, unbiased opinion of my bikes. You have to be honest with yourself, otherwise you don't get the most out of the experience of each bike.

    Yep, the Spectral is (including pedals, as weighing without pedals is a pointless exercise) 12.7kg.
    The SB6 was 13.3kg with the air shock, 13.6kg with coil (same pedals as the spectral)

    The Yeti inspired heaps of confidence, you just had to ride it a lot harder to get to the happy place. I suppose it was that you have to commit 100% to every corner (race mode maybe?) which is difficult when you're having a social pedal with your mates (which may or may not be at the same commitment level as you) or when you're gassed out after a big climb or full on pinned section. If you didn't commit and chuck it in, it felt a little lethargic and vague at times.

    I already feel that the Spectral is easier to get more fun out of without having to commit 100% to each and every section of trail. I'm sure that if I was racing (or maybe fitter and more committed) then the Yeti might yield more feedback and feel sharper.

    I do think (and have for a long while) that the media and cool aide merchants have been blowing smoke up the riding publics arse about the "need" for a everybody to be riding full on Enduro race bike. They don't suit everyone. TBH, they suit the minority rather than the majority.
  20. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    Never doubting your honesty! I personally think a SC Solo is too much bike for my trails ;-)

    Thanks for the info - great stuff.

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