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Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by yuley95, May 21, 2017.

  1. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    Heading up to Bright for a few days this weekend and need some advice on where to ride and whether I should buy a one day shuttle pass or two...?

    For reference, I'm comfortable and enjoy riding trails like Cressy at the Youies, Shepherds at Kinglake and Abom at Buller. I've never ridden International at Buller or any of the dedicated down hill trails at the Youies.

    I'm on a 150mm Yeti sb66 so it handles pretty much anything (more than me).

    So my questions are - are there trails beside Hero that I should hit? Is it worth getting shuttles for two days or will I get enough gravity action in one days and then spend another day exploring single track (which single track?)

    Advice, ideas, suggestions welcome.
  2. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Heading back from Bright as we speak.

    Get a one day shuttle pass and explore the second day under pedal power. First day you can follow other people if they know the good trails then second day follow your map.

    Mostly very natural trails lots of off camber areas quite technical and lots of fast flow sections interconnecting.

    Start of Hero is like a bigger version of the Cressy jumps.
  3. Rider_of_Bikes

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    Hero is great fun. Of the three trails off the top of Mystic Mountain 2 are currently closed due to some access road works. The trial that is open is steep and full of exposure. So will be fun on an am bike bit bring knee pads and a full face.
    There are lots of other great trails in the park that would be easier to pedal then shuttle. I recommend one day of shuttles and a day pedalling.

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  4. Miguel75

    Miguel75 Likes Dirt

    Riding at Bright is RAD.
  5. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    Thanks man - sounds good. Any favourite trails (besides hero)?
  6. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    I'll have the full face and elbow/knee pads packed for sure.

    Any idea which trails were closed and the names of the one still open?
  7. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    Loved your write up of hero from a while back and been looking forward to heading there since.
  8. Miguel75

    Miguel75 Likes Dirt

    Some of my favorites are;

    Corkscrew - grevids way - gorilla warfare
    All mountain trail - infarct hill - whodunit (?) - twisties - pump track
    The eiger - caros - fly by night - a little bit of Mystic d/hill -tree hugger - rhys pieces - the gully

    Morse Creek
    Tombstone (mainly uphill though super fun switchback berms that spit you out and a really fun end section)
    and lots of others I can't remember names...

    Riding up is really nice too. I usually rode up the dirt road to Deer Stalker - Caros - Up DJ's (an absolute blast even if it is uphill all the way) and then across to Hero.

    I really enjoyed some of the more tame tracks on the other end of town, the name escapes me right now. We did a few different tracks, hopped on a logging road and rode to Huggins lookout and then to the top of Mystic... That ride hurt:)

    Don't forget jam donuts from Edelweiss bakery, great food (and beer I'd imagine) from the brewery and ice cream from Le Blanche if they're open.
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  9. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    If you like pedalling then watch this. Pretty good if you're into that sort of thing.


    Otherwise buy a 2 day pass and use that time to progress on the features down Hero. Unless you're an ex-BMX pro and you don't need it? Once you've mastered Hero though, it's so much fun. Took me two days to get comfortable and having fun.
  10. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    SB66...a 26 inch wheeled bike? You're crazy grandad!

    The hero trail is rad. Buy shuttle pass for at least one day. I don't enjoy pedalling up, so I'd buy 2 days. The hill seems so steep.
  11. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    I'm waiting for 28.25 to become the standard before I update.

    I'm thinking I might buy a pass for the Saturday and I can double down on Sunday if I'm making progress on hero. If I'm maxed out I will explore the trails Miguel mentions.
  12. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Wheel sizes, like hubs and axles, are fixed man. They have found the optimum size for maximum performance, finally.

    It's a really fun trail. Most of the just are hittable without too much risk. A few are quite challenging and difficult to envision success on.
  13. padams10003

    padams10003 Likes Bikes

    The lower section of hero between the second road crossing to where is goes up that small hill is pretty greasy in spots now (but still fun). Can't see it getting a chance to dry out much over winter.

    Another good track I was shown today is Huggins DH. Would probably have never have seen it if I hadn't been shown by a local.
  14. rgy1993

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    Anyone been up within the past week know what's going on with Hero atm? I am keen to hit up shuttles tomorrow, but the shitty weather and a trail report I read saying Hero is shut from half way down is making me think twice...
  15. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    No it is fully open but as mentioned above the lower section with the big berms is very greasy and slippery so take it easy.
  16. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    How is Huggins running? I rode it years ago, didn't know it was still there. Would it be OK in the wet?

    Beauty is a good option for riding over winter as the trails hold up great in the wet, apart from the bog right at the bottom.
  17. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Would be great if we had a weekly weather/trail report from one of the locals...
  18. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    I just arrived this arvo and a bloke at the bike shop told me the bottom section of hero is very slick. Said the top section was running fine though. I will be doing shuttles tomorrow and can update you after that
  19. Kerplunk

    Kerplunk Likes Dirt

    I rode when the lower berms were greasy. They are not great and there is no easy way through them, i slip and slided down one on my arse. There not dangerous or anything if you take it easy, just get muddy. The rest of the lower section was fine even when the rest is slippy.
  20. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    World Cup and Mystic aren't that bad when things are a bit wet. Better than lower Hero by the sounds of it. The AM track is great in the wet.

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