The GooGle Thread


would blow a manky old hobo for $20
So you have a question - it’s not a quick question and it’s not a stupid question - it’s more of a I am too fucking lazy to google it question - add it in here and some one can google it for you.

also side note give DuckDuckGo search engine a run you will be stunned at how many more accurate results you get.


And you can search a specific site for very specific info by this example.

Minlak cut finger

And... you see this exact page at the top of the list.



would blow a manky old hobo for $20
Is DuckDuckGo just Bing with a different hat?
Not exactly - Google has 2 things mainly going on when you google 1) sites that have paid for a better ranking to appear in search results - 2) it takes your previous search history into account and shows you what it thinks will interest you not just blank results. DuckDuckGo is fast becoming the favourite of IT people to search with.