The pet thread, post em up!

Cardy George

Is not in gaol
Should probably point out I know Brown snakes are a protected species. Mrs George and I arrived home at the same time this arvo and she found it while I was in the shower. We assume he caught it sometime this morning.

We normally leave them to do their thing. They're normally only after a mouse or two from the chook house.


Eats Squid
I feel like the beach with other dogs is like the only place my dog even gets close to being worn out. Even long walks are a bit meh.


Likes Dirt
Idiot no. 1 (the big spoon ) had a run last week.

He broke a glass in a pretty spastic way,
The next day he rolled in some unidentified sloppy shit on his walk.
And then he gets an alergic reaction that led to a staph infection. He started acting his age of nearly 10 for the first time which was dissapointing.

He's been on antibiotics since monday and is doing well again. He's got energy again and is back to his usual cheeky self.