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He's a specimen! Great colouring.
He 31-32 kg now. About 29 in that pic. He was available for adoption for 6 weeks and nobody wanted him. Not rejected after meeting, not one person asked about him. I paid $99 because they'd dropped the price in desperation.
I still can't believe it, as everyone he meets (barring some lap dog owners who scoop and run) mentions his looks and happy nature.


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R. I. P. Burt

At 4.00pm the 7th of April poor ol Burtie past away, went to the vet pretty ill and past away whilst asleep. Rock on big fella, you are in a better place, I will see you on the MacGyver boat later
Sorry to hear. We lost an awesome dog 6 months ago. Leaves a big hole. We rescued another soon after. It wont fill the hole, but you grow to love them in their own ways. Losing him when you are stuck at home all the time must be hard.

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Sorry for you and Burt. Just remember the good times and unfortunately we outlive most of our pets.

All you can do is give them a good life while they are here and you have done that.

Take it easy sir.


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Sorry to hear of your loss mate, its tough losing a good mate. I'm sure you guys had a good time together and wherever Burt is now he knows that you guys loved him to bits.
It's always hard to say goodbye to your dogs. Take it easy.....


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Shit @safreek sorry to hear. I got the impression he was still young and healthy.

My staffy died about 3 weeks ago, one seizure too many. Little fella was 1 week short of 16 years old but his quality of life had deteriorated so much in the last several months that it was somewhat of a relief for everyone.

Hope you can fill that hole with something else for the time being. Personally, loss of our dog coincided with my wife being stood down, kids staying home and me starting to work from home so it has all been too crazy to focus on the loss.