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Another Village Idiot here, 100% agree with all the personality traits especially stage 10 clinger lol
Word for word same as Vizslas.

Did 26kms of singletrack with him and still had enough energy to chase rabbits at full tilt at the end of the ride.

Perfect trail dog though. Sits just off the back wheel the whole time.

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Greyhounds are the best dog ever. Made a friends with one at the local park. My doggo would piss off and do his thing and this greyhound would always walk up (owner had them off leash and she never really ran anywhere) lean on me and just chill.
They are the biggest most affectionate goofballs. It honestly took me a while to really get them and understand their personalities. I grew up with a pretty narrow-minded view of what a good dog was, but now I can't think of another dog I'd rather have. Our two are so low maintenance, they don't bark and aside from doing mental zooming for 10 minutes a day, running themselves ragged, they just want to sleep, upside down, on the couch.
My sister still judges them hard for not being agility and ball-retrieving gods, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree…


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I grew up with a pretty narrow-minded view of what a good dog was
Same. Always loved dogs like collies and huskies (pre GOT husky fan lol). I've got a samoyed at the moment and he's great but boy the puppy stage was long and active. Greyhounds seem to just be chill as and their coat is super soft as well!


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@Calvin27 it's amazing how soft their fur is! I imagined it would be wirey for some reason so when I met my neighbours Greyhound it got lots of pats!


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Issa the Italian greyhound cross gave herself a good fright - found a hole in the back yard fence tradies next door had left that I didn’t know about and went for a wander... It occurred to us after about two hours we hadn’t seen her around and went looking mildly panicked - went to the side gate and she was there “fuck fuck fuck let me in!!!” Bolted inside and stuck to me like glue for hours. She must have been sitting outside the front door and never made a noise...