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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by metrics, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. metrics

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    So, yesterday I headed out to Mt Annan to ride the XC track at the Botanical Gardens. I caught a train out to Campbelltown and rode over to my parents place who live in Mt Annan and met up with a mate there. On the way, at Kurrajong Cct (for those who know the area)I started getting swooped by a maggie. This bird was like an attack plane, constantly swooping, hitting my helmet. At one point it was gliding about a meter behind the bike, a foot above the ground before coming in for the kill. This thing chased me all the way to my parents place and didn't stop until I got underneath the verandah. Measuring on Google maps, it's like a kilometer (see here).

    Once I got to the safety of inside I attached a bunch of cable ties sticking up to my helmet and my mate and I set off to Mt Annan. Unfortunately we had to go back through the area again and as we were riding through, here was the magpie. I was in front, and my mate started to speed up and just as he got beside me, the bird came in and got him in the helmet. This caused him to swerve into me, our handlebars locked and we were both down on the bitumen. My rear derailleur hanger was bent, as was his, but worst of all his front DT Swiss wheel was mangled beyond repair. So we walked back home feeling pretty ordinary.

    A trip to the bike shop later and a straightened rear hanger for me, and I decided to at least salvage something from the day and headed out to Mt Annan track again. This time I went the long way round and avoided the war zone. However, I have got to say that it was my most unenjoyable ride ever, as when I wasn't getting swooped going around the track I was constantly paranoid about being swooped. With so many helmet strikes, I am truly surprised I don't have feather sticking out of my helmet.

    After this long story, I wish there was some punchline or other, but the reality is, I'm just totally over magpies.
  2. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    Oh man, that sounds horrible.
    So the pies were out at the Botanical Gardens track as well?
    I know the feeling of not being able to enjoy a ride because you are too busy anticipating the attacks rather than enjoying the ride. There is a bunch of Plovers that swoop me on my weekend ride to Kingston. They go at you right as you head around the roundabout.
    As if dealing with the traffic wasn't enough.
    When I move back to NSW in December I was hoping to be using that trail as one of my locals. It looks like a great track.
    It's only in Spring that they go crazy yeah?
    Anyway, hope ya mates wheel can get sorted.
  3. Jervis

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    Yeah such a fail football team.... ohh wait ;)
  4. Boreit

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    have had good results with White cable ties this season.... good be flukey & no doubt now that i have said something my luck will turn!
  5. jaseh

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    We need to look out for the butcher bird out here to eh mollo, there pretty aggressive!
  6. Ben-e

    Ben-e Captain Critter!

    I was just going for a casual jog the other day and this damn thing wouldn't leave me alone, so I started trying to hit it with my cap and shirt. This thing was aiming square at my eyes! Are there no solutions?
  7. 3viltoast3r

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    Its odd that I do quite enjoy feeding magpies, and talking to them, etc, but when they swoop they can be pains.. Just the usual techniques, cable ties and drawn on eyes on the back of your helmet. Be glad your wearing a helmet :cool:
  8. dunndog

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    There was a vid on here somewhere a while back about solutions to swooping magpies. they went through the same zone several times wearing different headgear, same result. Last go was with no helmet, and no magpie! Dunno if I'd try it though..
  9. Mr Kurt

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    If you constantly look at them they wont swoop, but that doesn't work on a bike, cuase you might hit something and fall of.

    But if the sun is in the right derection, i just watch the shadow, then when it gets close, swing your arms at it. You look like a complete moron, but its effective
  10. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    they are quick buggers though ... I was looking at one prolly 10meters away from me he was on a fence ... he was watching me ... I was watching him ... then thought ... I'll quickly pickup a stick ... I dropped my eyes, tilted my head down and he was on top of me (whats that 1 or 2 seconds max prolly less) ... admittedly I had a hat on and normally when we walk past without head gear he doesn't swoop.

    Its definately a heart starter ... but I kinda like / appreciate it for what it is ... I love the buggers all the other seasons :)
  11. dilstubs

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    I agree, these birds are rather annoying...One time just riding down my street, look up and to my complete suprise a magpie hit's me right in the crotch, falls on the ground, gets up, walks off while i'm on the ground in pain..Twas a fun ride...
  12. BM Epic

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    Been feeding them bread and meat and talking to a couple of maggies in my street, they leave me alone and never attack, until i get out of there area into another maggies territory and kerblammo, it's on, i just try and watch them at all times until i hit the bush, where thet dont venture in the mountains!
  13. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    They love fresh mince.
    When I lived in Mullumbimby there was one near my house and I used to give it little balls of mince until it got so friendly it would actually jump up and sit on my knee while I fed it.
    But then it started coming around early in the morning and pecking at the window so it had to stop. They're pretty game though. As much of a nuisance as they can be I love em. The sound of maggies in the morning always reminds me of camping. Ordle ordle ordle!
  14. jackaroo

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    I have always thought that Magpies are quiet magnificent birds to look at and listen to, In saying that magpies are also very annoying and can be very vicious birds.

    I have friends who have been attacked, where the bird goes for their face, which can cause a lot of chaos. I myself have had many bad experiences with the birds, sometimes when getting home to turn my helmet over and find claw marks all over it. I have also had much of the same problems with plovers, one of these birds also gave quite a severe scratch on one of my friends arms.
  15. Mr Kurt

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    there is one up the corner, that i ride past to get to my mates, and as it comes in for the swoop, it gets real REAL close to the ground, making it vertually un-seable, and that little bugger goes REAL fast too.

    I recon plovers are better then magpies, you can hear the plovers coming, they make that irritating noise. magpies on the other hand, you only hear them as they hit you.

    I got swooped this morning by a magpie, going to the track about 1km up the road this,morning.
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  16. Jaydawgz

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    Search Magpie and you will see that although it sounds stupid, the best option to avoid magpies is to not wear a helmet.
    Take a risk?
  17. nicknopants

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    I haven't tried it before, but I was thinking maybe a flashing light or two on your helmet would work. You can get really small lights these days for pretty cheap.

    I have a small light that I use on my helmet, but that is more just so cars can see me more easily. And so if it keeps away magpies, even better.
  18. droctagon

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    The Magpie Chronicles...

    Freakin Magpie got me on the morning ride to work through the park down at Blackwattle Bay, this was my 3rd major swoop incident in a week! Only this time i was hit whilst in mid peel of a banana which i was attempting to scoff on the run. The bugger got me on the ear and it was a direct hit, stung like a bitch and drew first blood! I had no choice but to retreat awkwardly, arms flailing, banana still in hand, waiving it like some kind of soft breakfast weapon, to no avail, the bastard of the sky took one last reconnaisance pass and returned to its nest. . .i swear i heard the little prick chirp a giggle. I felt so vulnerable, my lobe hot with the pulse of red reward. There was nothing more to do but limp on in defeat, with the distinct feeling that my entire ear was hanging by a thread.
  19. droctagon

    droctagon Likes Dirt

    The Magpie Chronicles....Part 2

    I'd be lying if i claimed to be brave enough for round 2 with the Black & White Evil. The thought had crossed my mind of capturing the next incident on camera, but phone in one hand, banana in the other tends to render one vulnerable to the worst kind of attack. Needless to say, i took the long route around yesterdays crime scene, with the images of pure fear still fresh in my mind.
    To my horror, Manly was to be the setting for the next round of Swoop-fest 2010, this time it was just plain terrifying.
    Straight out of the sun came the Kamikaze assault, this time from the left with enough impact to knock the visor clean off my helmet. With no time to react, i swerved violently toward the footpath, this time i was at speed and surrounded by morning traffic. A nervous backward glance revealing my flimsy helmet accessory being trampled by oncoming cars. . . Adrenaline pumping, i ducked under a shop awning in search of cover. Left cheek severed and smarting with the sting of a ripe beak-laceration, i knew i had to go back for my visor. I could see the little bitch
    already perched back atop the electricity cable
    overhead, scanning murderously for more action. I had no choice but to sneak out into traffic to retrieve my half squashed visor, all the while keeping an eye on old Magpie Hitchcock up above. Feeling completely defeated for the second day in a row, i made the mistake of thinking i was in the clear, remounting my bike i copped another peck just a mere centimetre from the last! With no other option but to mount my steed and peddle for my life, familiar flailing action, defeated, dejected, bleeding. Make no mistake, the Magpies own the sky this Spring... Be afraid.
  20. rone

    rone Eats Squid

    Driving to work yesterday morning I was swooped. I was in a Volvo. The maggie lost. Scared the beejeezus out of me. Mental birds. I had to stop and check the windscreen wasn't cracked. it wasn't and the bird had disappeared.

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