Touching up paint carbon frame


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Hi All,

Not sure if this should go in the F#ckwits thread but I figure it's not that dumb just lazy. I didn't frame wrap my bike and the paint on the carbon swing arm seems to come off quite easily either from small rocks coming of the tyre or my lack of skill negotiating larger rocks (refer picture) I'm 99.9% sure it's just the paint layer over the carbon and although I'm not sure precious I never had this issue on my Giant which had an all alloy rear triangle. I used to touch up my old steel bikes but the chips were much smaller and less obvious. 20200524_113419.jpg Has anyone secured paint to touch up from Norco? Would it potentially just make it look worse?

I've been venturing out in more unsanctioned (very rocky) trails, ideally I'd get it looking decent and frame wrap. Any suggestions/experience?

Mr Crudley

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If you have no luck with official Norco touch up paint then try acrylic scale model paint or nail polish (a colour match in red is in your favour here). A dab of clear if you have it and you are good to go.

I touched up a bit of paint flaking with model paint and it worked fine.