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Trainer help

Discussion in 'Fitness/Exercise/Nutrition' started by DMan, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

  2. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yo yo yo,
    not sure about linking to strava as that's where a ride is recorded. Do you mean other 3rd party apps like Zwift, Trainer Road etc where you do the workout, then have the option of saving the workout as a virtual ride to Strava, if you link your strava account.

    The key for a non-digital/non-smart trainer like the one you mentioned is that it needs to have a known virtual power curve associated with it, otherwise you will be SOL when it comes time to do a workout that involves power.

    In respect of the Elite you have chosen, looks like you are good.

    Worth checking with other possible 3rd party apps like trainer road etc for compatibility.

    When I was looking the JetBlack Z1 Fluid was the go, so I bought it locally through 99 bikes who price matched. It's been good but 2yrs later almost feels notchy as I'm rolling along, and you can hear the fluid gurgling away so not sure if it's related. It came with a decent app with workouts and dashboards, but just so boring. I've just now bought a smart trainer, will see how it goes, and oddly excited to see how little power I make.
  3. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    The Jetblack Z1 Pro is another choice actually. Did you have the JetBlack sensor then? The only problem is a lot of the sensors use ANT+, and of course from what I've read the iphone doesn't use that. You have to get an ANT+ dongle. I could always use my Samsung S7 as that does.
    Apparently the Topeak sensor will sync to Strava and it's software is quite good.. or so it says. I agree with you about boredom and a smart trainer would be cool, but unfortunately they're above our budget. So I'm thinking fluid over magnetic. Is power that important for endurance style training do you think or can you get away with HR and cadence?
  4. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I got the jetblack trainer as it was/is a pretty solid construction and good reviews, and I bought a wahoo blue SC speed/cadence sensor, and a wahoo tickr. I chose them as they communicated in bluetooth, but I think one or both can now do ant+ as well. Whatever. Just get what works best for you, the idea of dongles hanging out of phones or laptops seemed crazy to me. The blue SC sensor was a bit funny at first and occasionally gives me grief when it or the crank cadence sensor slips and I don't realise, but otherwise no issues with it. In a few moments of weakness I may have kicked it several times in frustration, and it's survived kicks to its face so it's doing ok.

    If power (even virtual power) is an option, go for it, IMO just to get some satisfaction from the workout, its really tangible vs HR which can be really indirect from my limited experience. Check if the elite trainer comes with a training app, and if the app uses virtual power. The way it all works is pretty basic, i.e. cadence is independent of wheelspeed, but it's measured as it's still important for training, and wheel speed is effectively proxy for power, which is why you need the wheel speed sensor. On the virtual power curve, at a wheel speed of 30km, regardless of the gear you are in, it means the trainer is spinning at XYZ, which requires XYZ amount of effort in the fluid, which ~equates to 250w of virtual power or whatever it is.

    It's rough, but if it's consistent its still useful.
  5. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    Cool. All solid info so thank you muchly. I'll check out the elite software and see how it works then. Otherwise I'll revisit a Jetblack setup
  6. steve jobs' pancreas

    steve jobs' pancreas Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I cant really get to any trails mid-week and I'm not a fan of road riding in the dark in the mornings so I have purchased and indoor trainer (Kickr Snap) and have linked it up with Zwift and Strava.

    Only used it twice, I originally saw one of the main benefits being the ability to use a structure training plan, but as I have no riding buds I find the social aspect of zwift appealing.

    I know this makes me a heathen in the eyes of sum, all I can offer is at least I aint an e-biker !!
  7. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    If you want to tightarse it then I bet your local Aldi emporium has a few magnetic trainers left for about $60.

    A trainer is handy but sort of thing that you want to use but also don't want to use. Can also double as a bike stand if you really need it too but will gladly scratch any fancy alloy QR's - so get an oldish steel one for it - that come close to it.
  8. uglybob

    uglybob Likes Bikes

    i grabbed a cycleops fluid2 trainer and i think its pretty good value for money. we had borrowed a magnetic one beforehand, and it was really loud inside - the fluid trainer was much better for noise levels. i connected it to a zwift account on via my laptop, so can work as hard (or easy) as you like.

    was good for those days when time was limited, or the rain put me off commuting.
  9. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    Yeah we borrowed a magnetic and they sure are loud. Grabbed an elite qubo fluid trainer for a great price. Should make winter a bit easier here!
  10. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Just finished a race on Zwift with new smart trainer, it went well, slight burning rubber smell but so be it. Compared to the fluid trainer it was punishing, grade goes to 14% up a hill and it's like slamming into a wall for a few km in the lowest gear. Sore legs tomorrow.

    As far as power output goes, this one is allegedly one of the more accurate meters (elite drivo) and generally it was on par/just below the virtual power of old z1 fluid trainer. I reckon you'll have a blast, do try Zwift though, at least the free trial week!
  11. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    I reckon it'll work out well for what she wants. The specs and reviews are all favorable. I reckon Zwift could be a go too although she is VERY competitive....
  12. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Then it's going to get a workout, and her ego might get checked as well. All sorts of riders in every race, legit Cat A, a number of pretenders even fraudsters through to legit Cat D & E punters having a go. And racing every hour so, sometimes less.
  13. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    She'll be in heaven. I'll be in the shed. How do you successfully use Zwift without a smart trainer or power meter though?
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  14. steve jobs' pancreas

    steve jobs' pancreas Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I am not an animal !!
  15. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Ha, might need to have a race to confirm that.

    Easy, as long as you have a cadence and wheelspeed sensor you are in business. Download Zwift to your computer (laptop preferably), and install Zwift app on mobile. Register and log in, then select "classic trainer" and it uses virtual power as I mentioned before. Pretty sure that trainer you bought is supported. Check out something like "titanium geek zwift" and look it up. It's a bit of a challenge at first connecting it all up; phone app detects the sensors and connects to Zwift online for your riding avatar ( on your laptop) to use. You'll get it, ping me if u have any questions. But don't leave it to 5mins before a race to connect, that always ends badly.
  16. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    Sweeeeeet! There might be a fight for the trainer yet!

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