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It's not a steel bolt, that's for sure!! The nut as well, you can see that's cracked perpendicular to the threads. Not sure if it's overtorqued, the guy I bought it off was pretty switched on, and I've only ever hit with a torque wrench as well. For the sake of a few grams, it'dd be nice if they made it out of steel at the very least, or just leave a bit more material on it rather than machine it back so much.

But for $50 it's not bad at all!! Still, would be interested to get one machined up as a replacement anyway, just as a side project.
I've cracked a mino link bolt on my Fuel Ex before (whilst checking the tension) - didn't over torque it either. Thankfully the LBS hooked me up quickly for $10.

I was initially surprised at how light some of the linkage bolts were. But all have held up since.
do you have the part number? my slash is creaking and changing the bottom bracket hasnt helped. Mybe the same issue
Maxxis Minion DHF EXO TR 3C 2.5: 24PSI
Maxxis Aggressor EXO TR 2.3: 27PSI

*Note that both have Cushcore's installed. In general I found my pressures didn't change, but they changed in not changing, in that I'm running the same PSI in a reduced volume.
What pressure were you running in your Bontrager SE5? I am currently running 21-22 psi in mine (front only) on 30mm wide rims. Curious to know as my Minion DHF 2.5 arrived yesterday and based on previous experience EXO casings are not as stiff as the Bontrager SE casings.
Thats an annoying and weird failure. How many kms or hours on that hub?

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Relatively low mileage on that wheelset. I was running the one with the bent axle for a while before realising that it was "catching" a little during rotation and switching over to this. Then there was a little while on the Bontrager Line 40 Carbon wheels before this one go thrown back on. I'd say it's seen 600km or thereabouts.

I have some watts to throw around when I feel the need to get going. But I wasn't even in my dinner plate when I caused this failure, was about three cogs down from it and powerfully spinning up a climb when I started to feel it slip. None of the teeth sheared or anything like that, just the entire ring pulled lose from within the shell. I could even potentially fix it by pulling the bearing that the freehub sits against and tagging some welds back onto the ring and hub shell (or even soldering it back into place).

Very unusual failure.
Sounds like a crappy design. They should have threaded the ring into the hub shell. I'm assuming they bonded it in if it spins smoothly now.

I personally would not be looking to repair.

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Interesting that you're having that issue with the freehub. I've the same one on a Bontrager hub and it's been fine for me. 100kgs suited up and reasonable power.

Then, two of three grub screws failed on me but the heads stayed in so I removed the plate. It was fine for some time but I expected a failed freehub at some point so bought a new freehub. Would that thing spin freely? Nope, the LBS is onto the 3rd now and hopefully that works.
The axle isn't bent according to them and it runs fine without the plate.
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Mine's the Shimano driver. The pawls do like staying in the hub, you're right.

The wheel is at the LBS and means I will wait until tomorrow for the new freehub to arrive.

Annoyingly it means more waiting to ride the Prime.. and I was making progress dialling in the X2.
The Onyx was on the table more for the fact they produce a Boost Single Speed wheel. But the weight is just NUTS on that sprag clutch, and half of what everyone says about going to the gearbox is that it does great thing to unsprung/sprung I took issue with stealing all the weight of a cassette, derailleur etc, from the swing arm just to feed it back on with a brick of a hub.

The Pinion uses a ratchet system of sorts, but the springs aren't angled engagement. There are three "pawls" that each have about 20teeth to them, that all jump out at once from coil springs mounted behind their assemblies. The teeth on the inside of the hub are also extremely fine because of this, but the hub engages with about 2/3 of its surface area when they lock forward.

It is a beautifully machined hub, still on the heavier side of things but still half the weight of the Onyx and even dished, symetrical flanges. She's a stunner!
Fair nuff. Did you look at the i9 torch single speed?

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