Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)


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I'd love to see a headline talking about Loeffler resigning after getting stung for insider trading.
I'd prefer the headline "Loffler and Perdue both lose run-offs, handing control of Senate to Democrats."

Unlikely but let me dream.

(pretty sure you could nail Perdue for insider trading too)


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Didn't both the DOJ and Senate ethics committee find no evidence of wrongdoing there?
Do we need to have another discussion about due process and the burden of proof for criminal prosecution?
Oh god no! Anything but that.

I was just having a pleasant daydream... don't ruin with your key mashing.


caviar connoisseur
Trumps current sycophantic senior legal adviser 4 years ago...View attachment 369618
Brilliant isn't it? Following the dismissal of.... 29 cases now? Can't keep up and at least a couple of law firms walking away, Trump's top legal eagles are:
  • someone who has kilograms of vitriol of him on record
  • someone openly pursuing an international conspiracy of communist vote tallying machines
  • Rudy Tuckers check out my leaky hair dye Four Seasons Total Landscaping Giuliani
So much winning happening there. So much.


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My absolute favourite is TedCruzforhumanpresident sucking up to him constantly after Trump called his wife ugly and said his dad was involved in JFK’s assassination.
He’s the most pitiful example of melting jelly on the planet but trying to stay relevant to Trumps base.
Graham isn’t much better, but at least Trump didn’t insult his family :D


caviar connoisseur
As others on here have pointed out, that will be a scenario where legislators vote against the wishes of the people they represent. Not. Going. To. Happen.

And if Trump genuinely believed this was a strategy that was going to work, he'd be holding rallies, spewing nonsense on Hannity on an hourly basis, holding ranty press conferences fighting with the media and being as publicly noisy as he's always been. Instead it's been..... absolute silence (excluding Twitter).

He knows he's done.


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I must say that as an American transplant to OZ (back in 2013 when the US wasn't a burning trash heap) that I really enjoy reading this thread and your discussions hahaha I didn't vote in 2016 bc I was living in Vietnam and it was way too complicated but I made the effort and voted in my home city of Philadelphia this year so I am happy to have that loud fat orange piece of shit lose in my city/state


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If it goes to the House of Reps, they don't each get a vote, the counties vote in a State Elector and each state gets a single vote. There are currently twenty six states that have Republican majority counties.
But thankfully not all are treasonous, sycophantic bobble heads... Some people respect democracy and the electoral process. Not many, but enough.