Vic/Melb burner bash

The Duckmeister

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OK gang, it"s next week! Found out today that part of the Forrest southern loop is out of bounds due to fuel reduction burning planned for this week, however Red Carpet and the Yaugher section are unaffected, so we're still good to go. :D

So! Meet at Forrest Brewery (pretty much the centre of town), 10:00am next Sunday, March 13th (not too early, 'cos it is a bit of a hike to get there, especially from my side of town). Rough plan is to do a Red Carpet loop to get the major climb out of the way first, drop back into town then roll the couple of km to Yaugher and mix up some loops there before cruising back to town.

Who's in?
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Spongeplank Dalepantski
im out too, covids in the house that no doubt will be shared with me by then. would have been working anyway if not for the covids.


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Soooooo..... Eldest test positive this morning showing all symptoms. Might not make it! FFS 4 days booked in at Forrest up in smoke. (And of course missing the chance to meet some burners).
That’s ok. Moorey’s not worth meeting anyway so no great loss. But yeah. Bugger. Seems to just be the way of things atm. My kid has cases popping up in all the classes around her. It’s only time.

The Duckmeister

Has a juicy midrange
Aaaand now I'm a bit questionable..... Ran over my foot with a very heavy trolley while shunting stuff at work this arv, big toe bluddy sore. Will have to see how it goes over the next few days.