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Discussion in 'Travel' started by downunderdallas, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. downunderdallas

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    Coming across from Perth to Melbourne for a long weekend - probably Melbourne Cup weekend. If I only have 3 days in Vic where do I ride? I will be travelling with brother in law who lives in Melb.

    Prefer gravity to cross country, but am the wrong side of 40 so probably more low key approach to jumps, drops etc than most on here I suspect. Was thinking shuttles the best way the maximise the value for the weekend. Was thinking Bright and Buller as two places to visit but not sure about shuttles at that time. Is that too early for Buller?

    Any other suggestions/recommendations? Less driving is obviously preferable but not eliminating options on that basis, unless it means spending riding time driving!
  2. Knuckles

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    If you're based in Melbourne, You Yangs, for your riding preference and proximity, that or Red Hill out the peninsula way. Alpine stuff is a minimum 3 hour trip each way and would need to spend the weekend onsite to make the most out of the trip. Check blue dirt's site for shuttle info out that way.
  3. downunderdallas

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    Cheers thanks for that, I think we'll be happy to do the drive out to the mountains have done it before on Ski trips but not with a bike! Is Bright the best town to base yourself? Falls Creek doesn't look like it opens until Mid Nov, Buller is a long drive from Bright isn't it? Mount Beauty worth a day?

    Sorry lots of questions!

    Looks like Blue Dirt is going to Tassie that weekend I don't know if that means they have no shuttles in Vic might shoot them an e-mail.
  4. Knuckles

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    Buller has its own shuttle service, fromb the general store at the foot of the hill, bottom of the Delatite river trail, up to the village. Everything else is self serve at the top.

    Bright is the most central, with awesome riding at mystic, with some hidden gems at porpunka and just about every patch of pines in the area. Falls, and Mt Beauty an easy drive away, plus trails at beachworth and albury fairly close by too.

    If you're feeling particularly adventurous, a fairly epic ride can be had from falls summit via Feinters track to MT Beauty, and depending on the legs, finish of in the park there. But logistically you'd need an third party to drop you at falls and meet you at beauty.
  5. downunderdallas

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    Thanks that's great! Most likely just the two of us, I'm too slack for an epic ride, maybe next year if I get fit!
  6. MR76

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    As others have suggested for 3 days head just to the North East Victoria. The itinerary requires a bit of car travel but you will get the greatest hits.

    Day 1 - Start with a base in Bright and hit the Epic trail and the rest of what Mystic Bike Park has to offer.

    Day 2 (Option 1) Falls Creek to take on the 40Km of Alpine riding - they may have the lfts running for shuttling up the hill for the Flowtown trail (the trails may not be open in eraly Nov though - best to check official opening).

    Day 2 (Option 2) Beechworth MTB Park and surrounds (Yackandandah)

    Day 3 Travel to Mt Buller for a top to bottom run (Delatite River) or shuttle to do the second half of the Alpine Epic. Again best to check what trails are open prior to arriving.

    Closer to Melbourne You Yangs are you best bet

    Have fun!

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